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: Cape Cod stripers in Aug

Stan Miller
07-27-2006, 02:45 PM
I will be in East Sandwich MA for a week in early Aug. I would like to shore fish for stripers etc. Any hints as to what to bring (shooting heads? etc), where to start, flies to use, fish to target, would be greatly appreciated.

07-27-2006, 03:33 PM
Stripers still at the cape, bay and southside.....flies...sand eels/deep eels (check search)....olive and or chartreous over white, clousers to 4 inches...intermediate line....if you stay bay side (sandwich area) try Scorton creek on the outgoing...careful where you park in the sand lot...not near the creek or you will sink..park towards the top of the lot. Try South beach and Monomoy in Chatham. Also...ties some bunker patterns 2,3 and 4 inches.
Specific to Scorton...sometimes they like a 4 to 5 inch eel type pattern (weighted head) all in black with a bit of red flash....why i don't know, but it careful of the current, do not attempt to cross the creek or walk to the bar in front of you (unless you are highly insured and want to leave your wife a lot of $) :-)
Further to ther west of Scorton is another creek....jetties etc...nice evening place to out for the current after the last jetty on the right facing the water.

07-27-2006, 09:57 PM
Stan -

Basically everything Ron said :)

You really can't miss if you target moving tide where there is bait. If you are sight fishing shoot for bright days on the flats. If not, any day will do in fact stormy days are phenomenal fishing days.

Poke around right in Sandwich, nice spots. As Ron says start heading east for lots of variety. Brewster Flats right off 6A not far from Sandwich.

Head south and east to the elbow (Chatham) for the flats and some gorgeous beach fishing.

The south side pretty much anywhere you can get access will have bass, blues and small inshore tuna.

If you keep an eye on this forum and hear of guys heading out just drop us a line we'll gladly show you around.