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: I'm Back From Mexico! W/ Photos

07-25-2006, 10:36 AM
Trip was awesome. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to list the guide service if not my apologies in advance, feel free to delete, Pesca Maya.

First trip to Mexico was fantastic. Stayed in Playa Del Carmen. Resort was great even though it still takes me a time or two to pronounce it correctly :Las Palapas?:. Loved the resort stayed in a glorified tiki hut was quite nice. Weather what one expects in July and Mexico.. hot and humid.
The beaches amazing. Scenary amazing - never seen so many beautiful women walking so freely... Every time I turned my head another gal was topless, or a thin string of material was pretending to hold the 2 cheeks together.

Van picked us up @ 6am right on time. Ride took close to 2 hours but we had to pick up 2 people at another hotel. Getting home took more time b/c of rush hour on a Sat. night. Half the road is normal the other half gravel. Bumpy as hell w/ some small pools of water to drive through. I would say you don't need a 4x4 to get there.

Once there breakfast is served right away which was quite good. Then the guides come out. They introduced themselves were super friendly. Asked if I had flies which I did. They looked all of them over and said they were good. I asked them if I needed more flies or should buy some and they said No.. which surprised me as that is a way they can make money. Earned them some points right away.

I fly fished the entire time. There is 2 guides per boat, one main guide and another guide that more of a apprentice that spots and poles the boat. Ascension Bay is a Beautiful place very pristine. Flats are HUGE. Seems the region could swallow the FL Keys, even though I'm do not know for certain which is larger. Boat ride to flats was 40 min. Glad the flat boats are big as the bay sure tossed us around some. Once on the flats within 10 min guide was seeing fish, first cast, caught first bone. You actually do a lot of wading for the bones which I liked. Almost all fish were caught while wading. The guide wades w/ just shorts and barefoot! You need flat pants as b/c the sea lice will eat you up. I caught 6 bones in 3 hours. Then I had my wife try for an hour she had 2 bones bite but she had problems w/ the strip set the hook so she didn't catch one. Then tried for permit which like permit fishing goes.. none. The sun was not cooperating for most of the day making sight fishign difficult at times. Right as we were leaving a flat the guide spots a small school of permit (I saw as well) but was to late to go after them. Had lunch. Tried for more permit none, then went for tarpon. Found a small pod layed up under mangroves but my casting practice w/ a 10wt was for 40-80 ft casts out in the open.. not 30+ft casts side armed under mangroves where you only have a 12ft window... I did get one them to pursue the fly but wouldn't commit, which in turn got the other tarpon stirred up they came out of the mangroves rolling into the channel. I made an amazing far cast into the wind leading just right but the poons wouldn't bite.. Found a large snook but she was even deeper in the mangrooves and I couldn't get my fly where it needed to be.

The guides were awesome. By far my best guide experience (100 times better than the 4 FL guides ((3 in Keys,) 1 in tampa)) I have booked in the past). The guide was Mayan, spoke good english, accent a little hard to pick up at first. Very hard working can't say that enough. Humble as well, I asked how he like his job, and w/ a very sincere look on his face he said, "I love my job. I have a dream job." Considering the poverty and other back breaking work I saw a lot in Mexico was easy to believe. I'd go back in a heart beat, can't wait until I do. Was flippin awesome!






07-25-2006, 01:06 PM
Great report - thanks for sharing :smokin:

07-25-2006, 10:16 PM
Great pics! Sounds like a great time.

I wanna know how I can get one of those pangas up here :)