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: Let me introduce myself

07-24-2006, 02:05 PM
I just joined this forum prior to my recent trip to the Gaspe. My name is Howard Gaber and I've lived on Long Island for the past 18 years. Prior to that I lived in the Catskill Mountains in Woodstock NY, where I designed jewelry and flyfished for trout and atlantic salmon. I spent all my fall seasons surfcasting on Martha's Vineyard

I've been fly fishing since 12 years old (hmmmm.....thats over 40 years ago). I plyed my fly fishing in the Catskill mountains through the 60s through the mid 80s. I also fished for Atlantics religiously every summer on the Matane and Matapedia rivers.

Throughout my life I've also fished the salt, and lived on Martha's Vineyard for several years where I fished the Vineyard surf for striped bass. Fly fishing was only beginning to take hold in the salt back then as we used to catch bonitos and false albacore from the north side beaches and caught them on flies before it was a fashion. We also, on occasion tackled the high south side surf with the fly rod, catching many bass in the 30 and 40 pound range on big decievers and blondes.

After relocating my business to New York 18 years ago, and moving to Long Island, I bought an offshore sport fisherman and kept it Montauk, the gateway to the offshore grounds. It's there where I learned to fish the north east canyons for yellowfin, mahi and marlin, and fish the Giant Tuna runs off Nantucket in the fall. We've also done pretty well out there on fly on occasion......with bluefins and yellowfins and of coarse all the mahi you want.

Now I am revisiting my past and getting more and more back into fishing the atlantic salmon. I love to fish, but age has mellowed me. I now love nature as much as the challenge, I love the northern woods the most. I love the streams and rivers, and need to spend more time on them. Soon I will retire and be there much much more often.

I enjoy posting questions, topics of discussion, as well as writing reports and sharing information. I've enjoyed reading many posts on this site. I look forward to be a positive participant.