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: Beulah Guide Series

07-21-2006, 08:32 AM
Has anyone fished the Beulah Guide Series rods? I am in the market for a backup 10wt and they appear to be well-made for the money. IM8 blanks, nice cork, extra tip section. I am a fan of fast action rods and this looks like it would fit the bill.

Has anyone given the Beulah rods a workout and what do you think? Any idea how they stand up to the salt (corrosion/heavy lifting)?

The rod would be primarly used for Bass/Blues/Hardtails with floating and QD lines.


07-21-2006, 09:27 AM
Good rods and a great value. Do not think you will be dissapointed and it may not be a backup for long. The guys at bears den may have one for you to play with before you buy. Take a look at the echo 2s as well. They come with 2 tips and are fast rods.


07-21-2006, 10:51 AM
We've had some correspondence with them and I hope to get more familiar with their rod lineup soon! More to come...

07-21-2006, 09:35 PM
BigDave, first, thanks for your input on my other thread regarding Caye Caulker. The 10wt I was wondering if I should take is going to be a Beulah. I just bought a 6wt that I think is killer for the dough. Compared to budget Sage, Loomis, etc., I think it is clearly a better rod all around. Beautiful bits and pieces, finish, and--IMHO--great castability. Caveat: everything to follow is based on my impression of their 6wt.

In fact, I will be buying an 8wt and a 10wt before the Caye Caulker trip (maybe as soon as I finish this post). I'm confident they'll impress me as much as the 6 has. By the way, visit Sierra Trading Post. They are blowing the Guide Series out at great prices. Spoke to someone at Beulah who told me they are re-jiggering the cosmetics and are offloading stock through STP.

As much as I love very expensive gear, I beat the crap out of it (evidenced by the broken Sage in my garage waiting for a trip back to its birthplace). Also, even though I've been flyfishing nearly 30 of my 42 years, I still flail like a spazz no matter how much I invest in instruction. I can make an 80' cast into a breeze; it's just ugly.

I think the 10wt is $135 on STP. How can you miss? They're beautiful and fast enough for me without being broomsticky. Just forgiving enough not to shame my every tiny casting error. Extra tip, sock and decent Cordura/PVC case, too. One vote from Package for Beulah.