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07-18-2006, 07:00 AM
Watch out for the tailers chaps

Girl attacked by bluefish off popular beach

14 July 2006

ALICANTE — A popular beach on the Costa Blanca remained closed on Friday after a seven-year-old girl was bitten by what was first thought to be a baby shark.

The girl had to undergo surgery on bite marks to her hand and left wrist after she was attacked as she swam off San Juan beach in Alicante, southeast Spain.

She was taken to Alicante's General Hospital where her condition was said to be serious.

Initial rumours that the injuries had been caused by a baby shark were soon dismissed.

Authorities consulted aquatic experts who thought the girl had been attacked by a bluefish.

Juan Zaragoza, San Juan health councillor, said bluefish, which only feed
on other fish, had probably been confused by the foam caused by the girl swimming and probably mistook her for prey.

Generally bluefish are not considered dangerous and rarely venture into the shallows.

They only measure less than a metre in length.

Luis Díaz Alperi, mayor of Alicante, closed the beach and ordered a net to be dropped into the water in order to catch the fish.

The beach, which normally attracts thousands of British and Spanish tourists at peak season, was still closed on Friday.

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Subject: Spanish news

07-18-2006, 08:41 AM
...and rarely venture into the shallows.

I've seen blues in the deep, but rarely venture into the shallows? How then do they explain the dozens of flies I have tied to replace my donations to our razor toothed friends?

Confused by the foam? After a couple of Larry's PX coffee's and sausages, I hope they don't get confused by bubbles.

07-18-2006, 09:00 AM
When I was younger I witnessed a bait chunker getting his fingers ripped boatside while briskly washing his pogie-blood covered hands near Winthrop Harbor.

Maybe the girl had a bracelet or something (?) I have had gar pursue me for the yellow camera strap while diving in Bermuda.

07-20-2006, 10:39 PM
Perhaps she was wearing some type of jewelry or had something like food the fish would like to trigger the bite. Something like that would make more sense why she was bit.

I guess it could be simply the wrong place at the wrong time when a hungry bluefish is in the area. Thrashing around and making foam the fish could have just reacted as though it was fleeing bait. Tough to tell, But tragic none the less.