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: flyfishing in dubai - who to contact??

07-17-2006, 10:49 AM
Hi there, i am hoping to get out to dubai in early october and i hope to do at least a day or two fishing (preferably flyfishing of course) while i'm there, now i dont really want to spend an absolute fortune doing it -at least within reason - so does anyone out there know where i can find a good honest charter at a relatively good honest price, all i can seem to find at the moment are charters organised from this side of the world which include accomodation based on a weekly package -- or i'm finding old links to dubai based charters which seem to be out of date. All i want to do is organise a day or two and be able to walk onto the boat. And i hope to be flyfishing for tuna- or sailfish or something powerful that will get my rod bent!!! any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot