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: Closed thread- a comedic review

Jim Miller
07-12-2006, 07:25 PM
I realize that a certain long winded thread has been closed.

But a closing observation :rolleyes:
If one will review the thread & weed out the nonsense.....

There are numerous & VERY FUNNY one liners and quips! :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
(so if nothing else... the rumor of this board being a humorless bunch is dispelled)

Peace Brothers :)

07-12-2006, 10:11 PM

It's refreshing to see that someone sees the good in it more than the bad.

Although it's not PC to admit it, I voted "keep it open it's entertaining" in the poll. However it's up to the voters so go vote!

Dble Haul
07-13-2006, 07:43 AM
I miss Roop's humor and wit, which was very evident in that thread (particularly his last post in it). :cool:

07-13-2006, 01:27 PM
Your avitar looks like Roop.

Dble Haul
07-13-2006, 01:38 PM
Them's fightin' words. :lildevl: :biggrin: