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Jim Miller
07-10-2006, 08:07 AM
Got on island Saturday late. Got settled in on Sunday. Finally got to fish for 3 hours today. (Mon) Fished Ten Bay while family went shelling.... middle of the coming tide.... had a bunch of shots at skittish singles..... and finally found a school of takers. Got 3 probably 2-3 pounds each.
It was SWEET to have it all come together after so much planning and fly tying. Thanks to all for the advice. We have dial up here at the house ... forgot how slow that is! So I'll post a full report in 2 weeks when I'm back home. (that's if I can make myself leave paradise!)

Got up early on Tues. and fished a nearby bay. Started in the flats... everything was perfect. Saw no bones!!!!! Saw a couple boxfish, caught a small cuda and got the "sh*t" scared out of me when a 6 foot nurse shark came swimming up behind me. It was very cool once I realized it was a nurse and not a bull! Went to the inlet and caught a 3 foot cuda on the spinner. Mucho fun.

Got up at dawn to try the Tarpum Bay bones. Man they are thick in there at dawn. Caught 4 or 5 and lost a bunch more. Funny thing, they wouldn't touch a shrimp pattern.... only a small crab. (Canít buy shrimp at the market either).
This afternoon took the family to "Whiteland Beach". What a place!!! Super beach, super snorkeling and we even caught my son his first bonefish on the fly! He also had a few (4) BIG cuda smack a big popper on the spinner but no hookups.
Bob, John, Josko, Chris, ..... etc. (you all know who you are) ALL the great info is paying off in Spades!
Thanks again! It's Kalik Time!

Tarpum Bay bones at dawn and Atlantic Beaches in the afternoon. Picking up 2-6 bones a day depending on effort expended. Lotís of snorkeling and family stuff. Lotís of wind the last few days (15-20) has made ideal conditions (low tide at dusk) on more popular flats not work for me as I could not see tailing fish in a 1 foot chop! Arghhhhhhh! But the same wind has made beaching wonderful.

Tuesday July 4th
Well today was a good one!
Got up at dawn and drove to a gated road in South Eleuthera. Parked the truck and walked in a mile to a secluded creek system. Low tide at 7:00 bells.....but it's blowing 15-20 (like the last 2 days). I walked the flat for about a 1/2 mile into the wind & rising sun and turned around to walk back w/ some semblance of being able to see fish. Still couldn't see much more than 30 feet in front of me. Kept spooking school after school. Lot's of bones around...just can't get off many shots. Finally a gift. A ray comes by w/ 3 bones on his tail. I'm able to hook up and land a nice 6# fish. The sun is getting higher and the flat is becoming alive. A dozen +- more shots and 4 more fish landed. Nice fish between 3-6 #'s. I'm a happy camper! Its 11:00 and time to get back to the family.
After lunch we go to a favorite secluded Atlantic beach. It's now close to high tide and there are bones in the surf! Yee Ha! Two more bones for about a 1/2 hours effort. One I would guess at 8#'s. Man he took me for a ride.....waaaay into the backing and up and down the beach. All fish today on a #6 silli leg / rabbit gotcha. They wouldn't touch the Turneffe crab today. Because of the wind/surf, the fish were right where the brown wash hit the clear water. Could see the takes! Cool! I'll post pics when I get home. Still have not seen ANYONE fishing! Not even in the popular spots.
Went into town and bought some fireworks for my 15 year old son. Shot them off on the beach to the backdrop of a severe thunderstorm happening off shore.... super way to end a great day.

Went to Briland today. Nice counterpoint to the secluded nature of South Eleuthera. Rained hard in the afternoon, no fishing today.

Went to light house beach. Great scenic beach. Bones here too!

Went to a remote West side flat this morning. Fish were tailing and up in the mangroves. In the lee, I could see well and had lots of opportunities. Got my first double digit bone (my biggest).... sorry no pics of that one. At least a half dozen fish landed this morning (dawn-noon)

Pics are from family outings at ocean beaches.... where I could easily bring the Nikon w/o worry of a dunking.
Included are my son's first bonefish, random fish shots and some of the places fished. The more remote spots and fish caught there are not captured on film.

For the most part, I found the bones to be numerous and receptive to my offerings. They were not pressured or spooky. I did not see any (not one) person fishing in 2 weeks. Saw and talked to native people fishing w/ nets and traps. Saw no guides.

Used an 8 weight the whole trip. 9 foot leader w/ 3 foot of 12lb. flouro tippet. #6 & #8 tan crab, rabbit gotcha, blind/tailing fly of my creation, and bonefish bitters. I tied 5 boxes of flies and used only a dozen flies the whole 2 weeks. (lost a few to cudas). Had a few days with perfect tides and sunlight conditions ..... that were foiled by heavy winds. New to quarter+ moon tides.
As Catspaw & BobG have mentioned the Tarpum Bay dock bones were easy.... and there are some big (5-6 lb) bones there in the summer.

Based on previous reports .... I truly believe the summer bones are more numerous and less wary than what fellow fishers have found in the Winter to Spring season. I found that if I could present the fly in the zone .... I was not refused. (and believe me I am NO expert at bonefishing). Did all my fishing DIY and was never bothered or approached.

Many thanks to all who helped me with generous tips and information. I felt very prepared for my first bonefishing experience.

Lot's of stories to tell. Let me know of any interest.
To protect the folks that gave me leads as to places to explore.... I won't be giving away any secret spots. Any general info I can lend about Eleuthera Ö.. I certainly will. I will say that if you expend some energy to get off the beaten pathÖ. You will be rewarded.

My family and I fell in love w/ Eleuthera and in particular the people of Tarpum Bay/Rock Sound. The friendship and genuine warmth of the native people will bring our family back in upcoming years!

I'll post more pics when I can figure out how to attach a bigger image?

07-10-2006, 08:48 AM
Good on ya' Jim. Glad you had a great trip. I'm already planning my next one.:biggrin:

07-10-2006, 09:25 AM
Sounds like paradise! I can't wait for my next trip to the Bahamian archipelago, probably February.

Images - the byte size is 60,000 or less, should be more than enough as a good quality 450 pixel wide (about the size of this text input box) can be presented at 30-40k.

If you have XP download the free image resizer (link at top of this page)

Jim Miller
07-10-2006, 10:45 AM
my initial images are each 2-4 megs in size. I do have the resizer program, but it doesn't seem to get me to the appropriate image size. :(
I tried the URL function (I use shutterfly)..... but that wasn't working for me either.
Besides working each image in photoshop..... is there a easier way to get a high quality and larger image posted? Thanks

07-10-2006, 11:07 AM
well if you have photoshop, you have imageready and it's very easy to resize... just call it up, change the imagesize to 500 pixels wide

then click on the optimized view and look at the size below

you can tweak the quality value until it's less than 60000 bytes and save optimzed