: Essex Estuary

07-09-2006, 08:57 PM
A non-event...

There is literally no way to access the shoal without (a) walking down from Cranes which is a total zoo or (b) rowing out from the launch off 133.

All of the roads I probed including Wingaersheek Rd off Atlantic were buttoned down by private land owners and inquries however polite were greeted with unfriendly responses.

So I headed to Wingaersheek proper and picked up some schoolies on the flood before picking up some seafood, limes and ice for the grill session that awaited me at home.

A few notes - that water outside of Anniquam is adequately cold so as to be called "the gender bender". However inside it was bearable and held some fish.

Birds were going nuts way down where that creek comes in but I didn't have the time to walk down there today, only fished for about 1.5-2 hours.

Best part of it was sight fishing with 20ft of line in the kiddie pool; the warm tide pool where everyone was playing. Since the lifeguards prevent fishing on the beach between the rocks on the west and the swim area bouy inside the Anniquam channel, I had to play it cool with the rod idle until a pod would wander past. :lildevl:

These fish are completely desensitized to people, and I had two eat the fly but perhaps fortunately neither were on long enough to attract attention.

The fish I landed came well into the flood and were where the warm water entered the channel.

Thousands of people there... not my cup of tea. Need to find a better way to access the Essex shoals.

Nick let's talk.

07-10-2006, 02:49 PM
Ahem... Decloaking out of lurkdom, it's your resident fiddler here. A Juro sighting on the No. Shore? I sometimes wish the Cape would sink in a big earthquake to get you to come up and unlock this place's secrets during the dog days. Nuttin but schoolies unless you like to liveline or chunk under the moon. But if one was to become an expert on foolin the big fish with pollack or lobster patterns off the rocks of Cape Ann they are there.
Anywho, I could launch by Woodmans (used to be able to pay launch there at the marina) and motor down the river to the estuary. But alas it's greenhead season.
Willing to try though. Benn doing a lot of Ipswich R. to PI sound last couple od seasons. If it weren't for the occasional bluefish, tough fishing. Tough to sight fish with 10 foot tides.
On another note I just got incredible local access to a Nahant spot from shore. A local told me about it and I have a relation that let's me park. Wow!


07-10-2006, 10:10 PM

Good to hear from ya.

I am game, let's think about a strategy to access some of those incredible flats and shoals out there.

I noticed a few things about Annisquam that I think will be money on certain tides for big fish. Not sure but worth a try proving them out.