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: Are we having Fun Yet?

07-09-2006, 01:59 PM
New comers to the sport are having a blast this year.

André Marceau on his first day ... a nice male in the run off Glass Pool, ... a good thing he borrowed my stuuf, ... 'cause it is certain that his wouldn't have had enough backing.

90 minutes later and a very healthy (and quite angry) salmon was released.

Congratulation Andréon a fine FIRST ever Salmo salar

07-09-2006, 02:29 PM
90 minute fight? OK lets break this down. Obviously you must be an extremely inexperienced fisherman fighting a large fish on a fly rod in a river. A rough rule of thumb is one minute per each pound is what it should take to land an atlantic salmon. This is actually the extreme longest amount of time it should take.

Point one: Use a heavy leader to not worry about a break off, this way you can get the fish in quickly. If you are using less than 8 pound test ( or less than 12 pound for that matter), then by definition the water is low and warm so break off your fish on purpose after 5 minutes tops.

Point two: WORK THE FISH!!! Get to the side of the fish and get him in so it's fighting you and the river, don't let it just sit there in the river resting, which is what you had to have done to fight a fish 90 minutes. I have fought many salmon over 20 pounds on a single handed rod with 12 pound test in less than 10 minutes.

Point three: The goal is to get the fish in quickly and release unharmed if you are a C&R guy, which if you are a true Atlantic Salmon fisherman or want to be, most large salmon need to be released. Over playing a fish for 90 minutes is unacceptable and will lead to killing the fish.

Point four: Lee Wulff proved he could play a fish extremely fast with NO ROD and NO REEL, so there is no excuse. He also tired olympic swimmers to the point of being netted in a swimming pool with a standard fly rod in 15 minutes.

The fish in the picture is a fresh salmon from the Kola river over 25 pounds that I played in 10 minutes by keeping the fish working completely for the whole time.

Please take to heart the above and a million other pointers to playing large salmon that are out there.

Tight Lines,

Jim Y

07-09-2006, 04:12 PM
Jim, ...

Very good points, ... All of which we did do.

The only thing we could have done differently, was that we couldn't follow the fish down the run to keep aside of it to work it across the current.

When it ran almost to the next pool, we could only hang on, then pull and reel, ... pull and reel.

Tight Lines.