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: Cae August 20-25

07-07-2006, 10:16 AM
This is the classic On vaca with the wife, will get to fish one day thread.

I will be over on the Cape for August 20th through the 25th. 3 things,

1. We would like to take the water taxi to monomoy for bird watching and fishing. Anybody have any good spots where I can fish and the wife can beach sit, read and watch the birdies? I would have to be in sight or she gets all You left me on me.
2. Anybody have any suggestions on a spot I can reach from Falmouth in the early morning for a good shot at fish, It would be a get up 4am, meet the wife as she is just waking up for breakfast.
3. Anybody interested in an Ill pay for gas and lunch type trip or Ill show you upstate NY and you show me the cape type trade?


07-07-2006, 10:25 AM
Bunker everywhere. Hit Wianno, Dowses, South Cape Beach, Oregon Beach, Poppy, Craigville / Centerville, Eel River mouth, or anywhere the tide piles against structure near Falmouth and you will have shots at bonito and albies. Blues a no brainer. Bring something to paddle and get out to dead neck.

Refuge will be good, find the bait and find the fish. Moving tides best.

If the trenches and bowls are not wiped out on Nauset they will be death traps for bunker and a great place to find bass hunting. She will love the beach.