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07-07-2006, 07:45 AM
Saturday spent the morning in traffic and the afternoon tying flies, the evening shucking oysters and littlenecks for 18 people between sips of tequila at the inaugural barbeque. Flies were a little crooked.

Windstorm on Sunday was a steady 35 mph from the west/southwest. The sand on the beach actually HURT the legs and the entire beach I was on was empty by 11am due to the loss of skin experienced by the sun worshipers. Flyfishing? Not on the flats! Maybe next to a bluff facing east. The west shore of Pleasant Bay or the National Seashore facing east has a prayer of being fly-fishable. I went to the beach bar (facing east) with the wife and drank margaritas instead.

Monday - guide trip, Charles and Joe had a very good day. The wind laid down and the sun was bright, and they landed over 40 fish between the two on the flats. Nothing of front-page news size but some nice fish in the mix. No blues. Large sand eels made a dash over the flats and were met with a wall of stripers in shallow water where we just happened to be staked out. Most of the fish came from that event and the aftermath. Met Adrian at the Squire for clams and beer, very nice outing.

Tuesday - Family comandeered me and the truck for beach duty in the morning and ate lunch with the families before most left to beat the commute. Got out to Brewster Flats with the pool toy well into the flood (ten steps from the beach and I was able to row). Had about 90 minutes of quality sight fishing on the outermost bar, no keepers but it was the first dedicated fishing I did the whole weekend. Good to be out. Long row back in the pool toy about 2 miles from where I was but a great workout. Of note, huge shoals of large sand eels and small YOY herring on the outer bar THICK.

Stopped by the CAC to hang out with John and his wonderful mom. Tied some more flies at the CAC, sipped some fine spirits and ended up crashing there. Thanks for the hospitality John!

Wednesday - vacation day / guide trip: Jerry, Bill and I were greeted by rain and possibility of lightning. Ventured to the flats tenuously on the weather report for a clear morning. Saw a fish pushing water like a red, first cast Bill lands the nice fish. Blues surge into our path and we whip some wire on the tippets and the action gets pretty hot and heavy. We then start a cattle-drive down a favorite flat of mine and I am seeing big cows in the dingy light. I am the only one who can see them but Jerry hooks a cow casting in the vicinity of their path but it frees itself in a thick weedbed. We break for lunch.

After lunch we look at the sky and opt to move inshore and fish near the bluffs. The water is getting lighter, the sky darker and the rain is pelting us hard.

BOOM the lightning begins, Capt. Keith evacuates us quickly. The guys have enough, I offer a 1/2 day make-up whenever I am not booked and they get on the road as the thunder booms in the sky.

Having a couple of hours left, I drove down to the causeway and got a vibe. I turn around and go back to sit in my truck at the refuge, dripping wet from head to toe and sitting on a contractor garbage bag with the defroster blasting.

Keith pulls up next to me and I roll down the window. He says "give it about 20 minutes and you'll get your couple of hours of fishing in". I raise the thumbs up and wait out the storm.

Sure enough, it passes and I head down to Morris. Tide is just starting to flood and things are looking good. Bait is everywhere, sand eels. Oh good I think no need to change my fly.

As the water comes over the bar the action starts. Fat schoolie. Bluefish - phew no bite off but the fish spits it. One other guy getting blues and schoolies. I work that gorgeous sandy bar that angled to NM from the inlet on the flood and get the heavy take!

WHUMP I strip set into a solid bass and it tears off into the backing. It's moving a lot quicker than most bass so I wonder if it's a big blue. Surface boil, the fins look like a striper, and it runs again very fast and changing direction a lot. Nice battle.

There's my fly line, I am gaining. I walk downcurrent to pick up more line. The fish veers broadside, 'keeper'. I wonder if it's my 40+ fish... two hooked and lost this season already, and I DO have my camera with me. As it gets closer, it's clearly not my 40+ entry but an estimated 33" bruiser I was tempted to bring home. I thumb it's big maw, what a gorgeous fish. Perfect health, both zip and power in it's high spirited fight. Eyes bright in the post-storm light.

See-ya... as it swims off with purpose to continue harassing sand eels. I reel up and think about my daughter who is working at an art studio for the summer, and wonder if she would appreciate the art that is a sunset on the Monomoy wildlife refuge. The molted shells of countless horseshoe crabs from miniscule to gargantuan littering the weedline rolled by the surf over pure white sands, the dune grasses waving in unison in the breeze and the sun streaks piercing through the breaking clouds over the flooding tide.

I stop at the landing on the stairs, the last one out of the refuge for the day, and take a long look at the place that has become my home water to last me thru the drive home. Short work week, not long before I will there again :D

07-07-2006, 08:16 AM

07-07-2006, 11:56 AM
...why I spend three months there. It is hard to believe that this pristine area exists between two megaopolis' - Boston and New York.

Juro, good prose, but lets not talk it up too much.

07-07-2006, 12:10 PM
he may give up some of your secret spots to me !!!!!!

07-07-2006, 04:26 PM
well Jim...

It was a lot of sharing and even more passion (your own) that helped you learn it too... and learn it you did!

Besides I'd rather fish with 100 Jim Simms than 10 bozos, so there is sharing right and sharing wrong in my book.

I would argue that we've shared right. Look around :)

07-07-2006, 05:48 PM
For sure, I wasn't demeaning our inexclusivity on locations. I have enjoyed many times when I have taken newbies in tow to the right place at the right time. I get as much satisfaction out of that as you know...

Incidentally, as a closely knit community on the forum, we all have the same objective, to share information on our avocation (limited in my case) to all its members.

I remember well when visiting the Cape for the first time, the guys that showed me some of the locations and techniques. Jeff Roop was one of the first, and I really appreciate his time and passion for the sport. John Morin was another that energetically took me on death marches around N. Monomoy and S. Beach. Now that I have spent a few years in those locale, I don't mind sharing my observations to members.

Thetre is so much to learn, and so little time. My learning curve is still straight up.