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: Thoroughbred Bamboo Rod For Sale - $50

07-04-2006, 02:36 PM
This is a 9 foot, 3 piece, approximately 5 weight rod with metal ferrules, a cork handle, and two tips. I say approximately 5 weight because it doesn't say on the rod. It's in the original cardboard tube with metal ends and screw top cap. Here are the problems first. There is a gouge that needs to be fixed, and it would be wise to replace all of the guides, the whipping seems very dry. When I was a kid, I wrapped over the gouge and one guide foot with thread and covered it with super glue, and I've just left this alone, so it would need to be removed before any work was done. If I remember right, the gouge was restricted to just one of the sections, the rod was not in danger of breaking, but it's been 20 years since I saw it. One of the tips has a slight forward bend. The tube no longer has the name on it. Otherwise, this rod is in near mint condition, the cork is absolutely pristine, the finish is still glossy, the ferrules "pop" apart, and the action feels good, with plenty of backbone, but a sensitive tip. I don't think it would cost you much to have the repair/replacements done, and you'd have one sweet rod. I've seen a Thoroughbred on eBay for $200. I only want $50, because it does need some work done. $200 is a bit much anyway, as these rods aren't exactly rare, even if they really are vintage. I'll ship this USPS Priority Mail, as this is both cost effective and fast, and you'll only pay ACTUAL shipping, no sneaky greedy tricks. I promise you'll like this rod.