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: First time out this season - Ogunquint, ME

07-04-2006, 06:43 AM
Brother-in-law made his yearly trip with his RV to southern ME, and I use this opportunity to test the ME waters. Fished the mouth of the Oguinguit River on Saturday and Sunday morning. Saturday was fishless - and I was the only one enjoying the beautiful morning. Usually this time of year, I typically have 6-7 people to share the area with.

Sunday morning was another beautiful morning, and I picked up one feisty 20" on a White Deciever. At least I had company on Sunday morning - one teen who had a wicked cast on him, and a couple who were also flyfishing. Didn't see anyone else pick up a fish. Both days I hit the outgoing two hours before low, and the biggest issue was there was not bait. Think I caught the small guy as he exited the river with the outgoing tide. Talked to the folks at Eldredge Brothers Flyshop and they indicated things had been pretty good - with Sandeels and some baitfish around.

First time out this season (can't believe that's the case), and both days were enjoyable - even the morning I went fishless.