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Salar 33
07-03-2006, 01:46 PM
At 7:45 on the morning of June 25 I arrived at the Glenn Emma Camp on the Matapedia River. I drew #54 in the November lottery and picked four days. During my first visit to the Matapedia in 1980 I had the great fortune to get that certain feeling of the valley. There was something that called me back year after year, and I now understand why.

At 9:15 I had been through Angus Pool and already raised six fish, hooked two and landed a fifteen pound rocket. The one that got away Tarponed out of the tail of the pool, jump after jump straight down through the rapid below, deep into the backing and my line went limp. This was the best hour and fifteen minutes of Salar I had experienced in many years.

The rotation rules at Glenn Emma are a wee bit to understand at first. You can be in line for the best or something not quite the best. I hit the jackpot.

If you land a fish in your pool in the morning session, you can not fish that pool for the evening and must move in rotation. A bit upset, yet not complaining, I was moved to sector 5. My mind was on what I lost and not what I could gain. During the afternoon session the sport in Milnikek, the greatest of all pools on the river, made his limit. Now the person in sector 4 was called on the walkie talkie to move on down. As that angler made his final catch at 7:30, I was now asked to move into the famed waters. I landed my second and limit fish for the day after about 10 casts. Twelve pounds and bright as a fresh dime. Now I get it, and I full well expected what was to come.

On day two my natural rotation was now to sector 4. The highlight of this zone, is a great pool called Elm Tree. Spectacular ledge water with deep pockets and runs. We saw only one fish and could not get it to take. Again the radio sounded in French, Milnikek, Milnikek, Milnikek is open. We slid on down.

That afternoon in this incredible water I raised more salmon than I have in the last ten years. I have fished on some of the best waters of the Gaspe, but nothing has been as magical as the water before me these days. By 8pm I was at my limit with a bright beauty of 20+ pounds and released from the grip of a size 6 traditional black dose. I slept well.

The next morning my natural rotation placed me in, yes that's right, Milnikek Pool. The weather was very different that day and the barometer was keeping the fish down. I had my chances to bombers and wets all morning without a hook up. The rain fell hard and muddied the waters up stream out of Causapscal.

The second half to the day found the river setteled and clear yet started very slowly. Not until my trusted guide Guy Raymond said “the black dose" at exactly 8pm. Polling into expert position and pointing to the exact location of experience Guy said, "right there". One cast into the slick where Milnikek Stream enters the pool and we were fast to the largest fish of the trip. Twenty minutes of fight and we released a 25 pound beauty.

My final day was on a pool called Kennedy. A very long pool with different aspects of fast and slow water top to bottom. I managed to raise a few fish as well as bungle a take to an orange bomber. This was a no emergency day with little pressure. A day I simply enjoyed the fishing and the memories of the six fish that came before. I also wonder if my luck, possibly exausted, will ever call me back to Milnikek again.


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Very nice post ! Thank's for sharing the experience .

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Bonsoir C.R.O.

I must say. une historie faire rever!!!

You're hired!! :)

Thanks for sharing,


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