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09-23-2001, 05:24 PM
I am not to good at this but I down loaded some pictures to my Desl top.. but when I use my profile to type in the file I get an error that says.." Wrong server or the file is suppose to be Application-octat-stream... or something like that.This would be for the picture under my handle.

09-23-2001, 07:07 PM
I can't help you John, but I'm curious. Are we talken about the picture of da chick magnets.


09-23-2001, 07:26 PM
John -

You have to make sure the pic is 100x100 max and the byte size must also be limited to 5k max.

Send it to me and I will take care of it for you if you wish.


09-23-2001, 11:13 PM
Ctrl Alt Del ...always works for me!?
Missed you sprayed by the skunk!