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: Weekend Prediction - Cape Corner

06-23-2006, 04:23 PM
RAIN :hihi:


Talking with Harry Koons up at Nauset Angler, it's looking like things are finally getting started and July should be the month in 2006. The beach has been clean between storms and there are good fish swimming every which way and hunting in the surfline. With early morning lows and mid-day highs there should be some good fishing off the beaches this weekend whether you like the tide coming into structure or pulling away from the berm. Big fish have re-appeared on the scene this week from Race Pt to Wellfleet to Orleans down to Chatham Inlet and with luck more are pressing through for the weekend in pods.

Bayside has had a slug of fish as everyone pretty much knows, but with the threat of tstorms in the air being that far out on a flat with a graphite wand is not the best way to spend the day safety wise and you know how fast that tide rises.

The crap weather might bring on some shoreline feeding activity at high tide so day pass or season sticker from Brewster for the mid-day high might put something sizeable on your line due to access to Paines, Robbins Hill, Saints, Pt of Rocks, Ellis, Linnell, etc.

Weather risk applies for Monomoy, the flats leave you hanging out there in a lightning storm - besides it's going to rain like a cow pissing on a flat rock this weekend and the skies are going to be pretty dark. There are always some nice fish in the area but sight fishing is out of the question and with the speed these lightning storms have come in I wouldn't want to be far from cover.

Might be a good weekend to explore the backside beaches or Race Pt. I heard that your Nauset sticker will get you into the National Seashore free while they have 7-10 closed off for oversand. The breaks and structure from 1 to 7 is excellent as well if you have the sticker.

South side should have some big blues, my favorite is outgoing on river mouths like Bass, Herring, etc. Still new bass pods coming in after the stall over the last two weeks- traveling the south side. Hopping the short jetties at high in the rain would probably get you a nice fish or two.

Might also be a good weekend to explore the canal on the tide changes, dropping tide on the mud flats for instance.

Good weekend to try something new!

One things for sure the lawn can not be mowed so you might as well fish :)