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: General observations - Cape corner

06-20-2006, 11:59 AM
Water was very cool on the bayside early, then warmed dramatically by Sunday pm. Fish behavior changed correspondingly. Many huge wanderers inactive (looked like they were raising body temp) and less but eager fish on Sunday's warmer water temps. Overall a lot of good fishing on the bayside. Boats are key, the window on shore is just too short. Lots of big sand eels off the shoreline (e.g. Billingsgate shoal) and I suppose it's like a Chatham offshore situation there now.

South Beach was gorgeous for the kids, fish scurrying about in the waves but not as openly eating as we would have liked in fact they seemed a little unnerved about the seals that lined the breakers. Lowlight hours seem to be a good recipe for the outside beaches, very little if any migratory activity compared to previous weeks.

Flats of Monomoy still holding fish in the holes and channels with some coming up onto the light sand but not like they should be for June. Jury's still out on why but I hope July makes up for it. My suspicion is that's where the bait has been so that's where they will hold out.

Still no silversides, worms or shrimp observed but many many crabs and lots in that easy meal size for stripers.

Fluke are in the sound now.

Not the best fishing weekend I've ever seen but hopefully we are in between the northward push and those who are lagging behind.

Tip of the week:

Town of Brewster sells nr access stickers to all bayside beaches for $125 / season, $15 day. Open 9-3 7 days a week. Caveat: the water floods vewy vewy qwickwie there so make like a wabbit when you see floating sand along the edges of the flat.

06-20-2006, 04:09 PM
Water temps. did seem very cool on the bayside this weekend. Bait was scarce as were the fish on the western end of the B flats. I only got to fish the top 2/3 of the drop and was disappointed. On Saturday as Dave and I worked our way out fish started breaking and Dave proceeded to catch schoolies on every cast. I moved on fishing troughs and current seams without seeing any signs of life. Dave's pod was the only evidence of fish or bait. My intent was to fish through the first couple of hours of the flood but things conspired against me. The flood is pretty reliable but unless you have several days of separation from the last front passing through fish and bait can be hard to find at other tide stages in this area.

06-20-2006, 07:31 PM
I spoke to a friend that entered the Shark Tourny out of Montauk and upon arrival back at the dock, reports were flooding in about the amount of Striped Bass still migrating around the Point. There is hope that those fish are still on the move and feeding heavily.


06-21-2006, 04:19 AM
Sat at the Big Brother day the fish I caught in the morning had lice on them. I did observe a lot of small mummy size bait . That's why you got to love this type of fishing you never know what hand is being dealt to you. FishHawk