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: Octoberfest clave revisited

06-17-2006, 04:12 PM
Since I could not fit in Big Brother Day or any Cape fishing this weekend I decided the only way it would happen was to get up at 3am while the family was happily sleeping away the morning. No invasion of quality time with the family today. I'll get back in time for breakfast. NOT!

Without giving away the destination for the world to know let me just say that it was very hard to leave. Anyone that came to the fall Rhoddy gathering knows where the spot is.

I arrived at 4:20am, two hours into the falling tide and met up with John Szok who had come all the way from NJ to fish this area. Welcome John if your reading this.
The predictions John made the day before while fishing the flats at Quonny were right on the money. Had I arrived earlier as he did I would have been wondering if it was worth it to stay. Slirp.....splash. It started happening. The fish were not big but a schoolie fix was in the cards today. Nonstop action for over two hours with a hot fish thrown in to keep things interesting. Most of the action was on top as there were plenty of sand eels around pouring over the dropoff.

Numerous fish later I decided to check my watch. Uh oh! It's past the 7am breakfast bell. To all the fall clavers. It's a better spot! PM me for further info. To all the were on the elbow over the weekend, I hope you had banner days and the kids are loving their new found joy in fishing. Hat off to all that joined in on Big Brother Day!