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: one of them days

06-16-2006, 09:15 PM
this had to be the most #$@&^*$$%%!! fishing day i ever had. after a hard day of fighting with other lawyers and a couple of judges i thought luck was on my side when the work day ended a few hours early. great way to start the weekend i figured. so i packed up the truck with my gear and headed to the marina to get an early jump on the late afternoon bite on boston harbor. when i got to the marina and got out of the car, i noticed that the tail gate had openned up. of all the things to have fallen out, my favorite striper/peacock bass rod. a gloomis crosscurrent 9wt. i retraced my steps but no dice. in an act of utterly desperate idiocy i called the police just in case someone may have picked it up and brought it to them. yeah, sure. fortunately i have a 9wt xi2 so at least the day would't be a total loss. right. it was a beautiful day on the harbor but not much action. i pulled out my binoculars to see if i could find any birds working. i draped the binocular case over the back of the passanger seat and began cruising. the wind, such that it was, lifetd the binocular case to a height that i would not have otherwise thought possible. i thought those things floated. wrong. 2 down. well i still had the binocs so i just proceeded. i was determined not to let these mishaps get the best of me. 2 screw ups in a couple of hours. could happen to anyone. couldn't it? finally, i saw a bunch of birds working at the end of long island. i motored over and lowered the trolling motor and began to negotiate the shallow water with as much stealth as my trolling motor could provide. the circling birds didn't crash any bait and began to fly off. i scanned the area and saw a tremendous amount of birds directly behind me about a mile or so near the brewsters. the adrenaline kicked in. this is what i've been wating for, and not another boat in sight. i pulled a big time uey (u turn) and gave it the full throttle, when all of a sudden i heard two big thumps on the bottom of my boat. the good news is that the trolling motor didn't puncture the hull when it broke off at the shaftand smashed into the bottom of the boat. apparantly, the tensil strength of the shaft is not designed to withstand the force of 225hp at full speed while in the water. daaaaa. at that i figured that i was lucky to still be on top of the water and finally did the only smart thing i did all afternoon. i headed in while i was still alive and the boat was still floating. true story. anyone wanna go out with me tomorrow?

06-18-2006, 08:16 PM
Well, things can only go up from here.