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: Wanting to clarify!

06-15-2006, 09:25 PM
A while back, I posted a response to a person asking for details about a river in Arkansas. I provided a like to a site that is made up of "links", assembled to help others find such info! Kind of like what you would receive if you did a "web search" with the same topic, but all organized! The site is privately owned and was built as a general information site for fly fishing! It is not a "Sponsor" to this site! But it is not a "commercial site".
I guess I'm confused why this link was removed from my posting when there are many postings that provide equipment brand names in responding to others by saying "this is what I use...." or "this is what I suggest....".

I'm referring to such names used around the threads such as "Orvis; LL Bean; Wild on the Fly; Barracuda; Thompson; Griffin; Patriot; T-n-T Helix Series HE 905-4 --------- to note a few!
The following is quoted from other threads as an example only! Not an add!!!!:
"In stationary vises, the Thompson A, Griffin 2A, 3A, and Patriot, Several non-rotary vises by Dyna King, and the Regal are all excellent vises that will last a lifetime and do what you need for the type of flies you are tying."

And how was this thread not edited off? It's a link to an add! http://www.flyfishingforum.com/flytalk4/showthread.php?t=23107

How are these postings any different then referring to an informational Link site? I don't see them listed as "sponsors".:confused:
Not wanting a fight! Hey, its not my BB!
Just wanting to clarify!

06-15-2006, 10:05 PM
If you don't think this site is worth the price of admission (free) then you are in the minority.

Behind your soapbox is a lot of sweat equity, friendships, caring acts and fishing experiences that members will not soon forget if ever.

Right now I have a lot of work to do to prepare for our annual Big Brother Day, a day in which we get together with the National Wildlife Refuge and Monomoy Island Ferry to give some kids a Father's Day weekend to remember.

My apologies if I just can't compete in your pissing contest right now. If all you see is a soapbox in this Worldwide Flyfishing Forum, then you've missed the point.

I suggest you either build a site of your own and run it as you please or find another with policies that suit your personal view of the world.

06-16-2006, 01:46 AM
Really, I don't think I was starting a pissing contest nor, standing on a box of any kind! I simply asked to clarify what constitutes "advertising" and what would be acceptable information to share in the general public of your site!
I was only reflecting my interest in sharing my experience, as humble as it may be.... with others..... "like minded persons" who asked a question.

I'm sure all your sponsors are real! And are excited with the exposure they get here! I use products made by some! Was not out to rewrite rules here or any site I visit. Just asking how I'll know what to post. And you're right.... its not my site!:Eyecrazy:
So, I'll plan on setting back, enjoy the read, laugh when it feels right and extend an invite for members to E-Mail me should they feel an interest in what I may know!

Hope your event goes well and the kids get a better idea how to enjoy fly fishing and the world around them!
Take care!