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: Barnstable Harbor Striper Blitz

06-13-2006, 07:37 PM
Monday was magical early spring fly fishing for Stripers around Barnstable Harbor. As the tide reached flood huge schools of Bass corralled vast areas of small sand eels, eventually bursting to the surface in an orgy of feeding bliss. Schools seemed to be segregated into 12 to 18 inch fish, and 20 to 28 inch larger cooperative fish. I have attached few picture for your viewing pleasure. You gotta love days like these.

06-13-2006, 07:47 PM
Here is are few more pics.

Dble Haul
06-13-2006, 08:00 PM
I think that I could handle a day like that. :smokin:

06-13-2006, 10:21 PM
Awesome! We need a "drool" smilie :D


06-14-2006, 05:22 AM
Now that's what I call nervous water! Looks like the bay is quivering.

Glad to see they woke up after that seemed a somewhat sluggish weekend for many I've spoken to.

06-14-2006, 06:28 AM
Time to get out the yak. FishHawk

06-14-2006, 07:17 AM
I didn't get out until Monday and then again for dusk last night, things were dismal in Plymouth. Glad to see you got into 'em in a big way. I was just about to make a post about water salinity - wondering if it has anything to do with the lack of fish around here considering the huge rains we've had.

Was this a recent trip?

Sean Juan
06-14-2006, 08:27 AM
Haven't seen top water action like that yet this year, but the harbor is full of fish.

Is it just me or is the bait smaller this year?