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: Weipa fishing Report, May 2006

06-13-2006, 12:04 AM
Weipa Fishing Report
strikezonesportsfish May, 2006.

May’s fishing started off great with Barramundi, King & Blue Salmon biting well in the river’s while out the front Tuna where smashing into the baits schools better then every. On the beach small Queenfish, Barramundi & Blue Salmon were on the bite.


Not sure what’s happening with the weather these days it seems to me that it’s becoming more unpredictable each year. Onshore Westerly winds are wet season winds from December to March in April, rarely but possible but not in May, well I was wrong again. Towards the end of the second week in May we had a strong Southwesterly blow. His generated a big onshore swell cutting out the out beaches & off shore fishing for about two weeks, not good!


On the Beach
While the water was good in early May we got out on the beaches to sight cast small clousers to the many schools of small Queenfish most where feeding on the small jelly prawns. We found a few lone Barramundi in the 4 to 6 kg range good size fish but not in the numbers that we would normally see on the beaches. I am sure this had something to do with up & coming bad weather. Barramundi are along the beaches to feed on the huge amount of bait fish unlike the other fish spieces we find on the beaches the Barramundi won’t go out to sea to feed so in extended times of onshore swells these fish would have to make their way back into the rivers to feed. So maybe not many Barra on the beach means the weather going to turn bad? Around some of the rocky headland we would find Blue Salmon & small Giant Herring larger clousers & Deceivers worked well.

Blue Water
Tuna where in good numbers feeding on the vast amount bait schools.
We found that sinking flies & jigs under the feeding Tuna would produce Trevally & Spanish Mackerel. These fish would be driving the bait schools to the surface as well picking up the scraps of half eaten baitfish that drift to the bottom. Out on fairway beacon big Queenfish and GT’s where smashing the surface. Poppers on heavy spin gear covered the water well to get strikes for these huge fish. To catch these fish on fly, I would cast a hookless popper as a teaser to attract fish into casting range. Then fly fishers would cast flashy profiles on shooting heads to the cranky fish.

May’s lower tides expose some of best gutter fishing you will see anywhere. Barramundi & King Salmon sitting on the gutter mouths at the end of the run out tide feasting on the prawns & mullet as they are flushed out of the drying creeks. Flies worked better then lures as we could match the small prawn size with white clousers. On the first of the run in tide we would look for mangrove snags in mouths of creeks. For good numbers of barramundi and as the month went on the Mangrove Jacks started to show up in numbers.


Sea ya in the “Strikezone”

Craig Jenkins.

06-13-2006, 05:23 AM
Great reading!

As this is clearly a strikezonesportsfish promotional post, I will talk to you offline about a sponsorship agreement to continue receiving such great information from down under.

Jim Miller
06-13-2006, 06:56 AM
you mention blue & king salmon. What are these species and are they similiar to those found in our Northwest/great lakes? Nice report. :)