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: I just moved to SEATTLE!

Chris Puma
06-10-2006, 03:50 PM
I'm living on Capital Hill in Seattle.

Moved here 2 days ago.

So far I love it! This city if fantastic. People are extremely friendly. Everyone stops for you while crossing the street as well!

To get down with it, I have NO IDEA where/what to fish out here. I stopped into Pat's Fly Shop (the guy was extremely strange there/didn't get a good vibe in the shop) and then I went to Kaufmann's. Don and Gerry in the shop were really friendly and pointed me in the right direction.

Right now in my arsenal I have a 5,6 and 9 weight.

I'm thinking about getting a 7 weight spey rod for summer steelhead and hoping it can handle the winter as well. Any recommendations? Is this the way to go?

Where should I start fishing here in June?


If anyone wants to go fishing or whatever, I'll buy beer afterwards/gas, whatever...

06-10-2006, 07:37 PM
Get to River Run Angler in Carnation. Every Saturday morning Aaron has a mini-clave on the river. There will be rods and lines to try and good instruction. Even more important, friends to make who will have good inside information.

If you have not spey cast before, get good instruction first. That will help you choose the right rod and line for you. And, when you fish you will do it better.

Chris Puma
06-10-2006, 10:27 PM
i am def going to show my face next sat.

thanks for the info!

i'm getting the impression that spey casting isn't something you just pick up right away. it's def not good to just buy a spey rod and go for it, huh?

06-13-2006, 11:42 PM
Chris -

Congrats! I remember my excitement upon moving there many moons ago. The rivers are true national treasures and the steelhead dreams will never leave you no matter where you end up in life.

Definitely hook up with Aaron and the boys. There's nothing I can say that they won't but I will anyway :)

A 7wt is a little light for year-round work. Rivers will grow in volume and shrink in temperature and you will do better with a bigger set-up to deal with more water and deeper probing with sink tips and larger flies.

However in summer it's a really great set-up, in fact you will be using drylines much of the season typically.

Besides a lot has to do with the size of the river and fish, and some rivers are damn big even in August.

If I had to pick one rod to fish summer and winter it would be at least an 8wt. There are so many great rods out there and going to the Snoqualmie on Sat will help you decide.

I have to mention that I really fell in love with my new Sage VT2 13' 9" 8wt Spey recently. It's a four piece beauty with a super-smooth loading flex and easy casting action that is a very good choice for beginners and expert casters alike. Why? It has a very broad 'sweet spot' in which it can be effectively loaded and it unloads that energy smoothly and with authority to get fishing without a lot of unnecessary hoopla. Also - it's very versatile, equally comfortable throwing long stroke or perry poke.

I fished it on the Chapel run on the Skagit as well as some tight corners on the Sauk and it was It's really a gem of a rod and it felt good doing anything I needed. I would recommend it as a one-rod selection candidate. Some two-handers are very "picky" whereas this one is just great all-around. Aesthetics are nice too.

Another I would recommend is Burkheimer's 8139 - 13' 9" 8wt. An 'heirloom' rod that has an incredible feel to it, smooth as butter yet powerful; a hand-crafted masterpiece as every C.F. Burkheimer is. This is a rod you can be proud to own through the years.

I have some caringly used CND two-handers I would part with for a very fair price if you are interested send me a PM. These rods are also exceptional and hard-core spey casting and fishing tools as the result of decades of proven design mastery by Mr.Nodera.

But there are many, many great rods out there so you should cast a bunch and see which one suits you. River Run Angler is the way to go for that pursuit.

I get to Seattle fairly often, so keep in touch and let's hook up for some casting and fishing on some of my old stomping grounds.