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: Chokoloskee report

06-06-2006, 08:23 PM
Just got back from a Memorial Weekend trip to Chokoloskee where everything seems bigger. Got some nice spotted trout on a red and green tarpon pattern. We found the occassional tarpon feeding in the bay, but couldn't get close enough to even attempt a cast. Sadly it was the same with the redfish and snook. we saw 3 reds tailing on the last day, as well as running into a few smaller snook feeding around the mangroves. They were spooky as all get out and were gone before we get within 200 feet of them. Even our attempts and wading out to them were foiled. But alas, I did get a 15 inch spanish mackerel on the same red and green fly. Got a bunch of other trout and mackerel on conventional gear along with half a dozen black tips in the 3-4 ft range. Spoke with several of the guides at the marina who all agreed that most of the snook and reds had been running north of us to the slightly cooler waters.