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: Weekend Predictions: June 3-4th

06-02-2006, 07:03 PM
OK now that stripah season is underway let's do Friday predictions and see if they were good ones on Monday for the heck of it...

OK rainy conditions, northeast wind / turning north Sat PM, mid-day lows.

Fish are primarily in migratory mode with some settling into resident behavior on the Cape, where Rhody south seems to be getting more settling in according to what I've heard offline. North shore and Maine getting lots of dinks and a few good fish showing up, particularly around big bait (macs and herring).

My call is for Cape Cod around the elbow...

Outside beaches:

Righties rejoice on the big beaches, northeast wind means casting off the strong side. Fish are primarily migratory yet sand eels are showing in numbers. I will say no more, attend the next spring clave for insider secrets on spring beach fishing.

Sight fishing:

Visibility is low for any kind of sight fishing and mid-day lows makes it even less likely. Save the eyes for another day or look for fish tailing / pushing water at peak high on the bayside or southside estuaries. Low probablity.


I agree with Striperstripper; finding where the fish push up inside is a winning strategy and these conditions should get them to do just that. Not just the bayside but early and late on the Nantucket Sound's numerous rivers and inlets where the wind is less of a factor for casting, even though it does not work to compress bait on your behalf as it would on the bayside (per Pauls' point).

Stage at start of ebb would be a good bet; Parker, Herring, Bass, Red River, lots of outlets where migratory fish at dawn high or dusk would seek a bite. Any southside outlet from bait-infested estuary would be a good bet in fact, but with migratory fish I would be prepared to move around until I found them.

Winds can also be gentle on the south side with north winds, but if the sea is churned up there will be plenty of debris so again move around - the fish sure are! If there is lots of junk coming out of the rivers then they will be cleaner on the evening flood than the morning ebb.

Night fishing:

Big pogies in the area means there will be some of the years largest fish appearing with the best activity at night up inside wherever the pogies are laid up. Keith Lincoln confirmed the mass of fish at the mooring last weekend was all big pogies. I am certain they got harassed that night. I am not a big night fisherman but I always come back after dark where big pogies were around during the day. Could get you into the 40+ club.

Given a full day, I would do the following:

Start on the bayside on the dawn flood, looking for fish marauding bait in creek outlets

Eat a late breakfast and hit the outer beaches - I have my Nauset 4x4 pass so it's a no-brainer. Nauset is chiseled like a young Arnold for shore fishing the fly this year.

Grab a fish sandwich at Seafood Sams on the way to the South side to fish until I feel like it's time to crash, hoping to find the pogie massacre. I would be fishing a huge fly on the big Atlantis at night. I would start at Stage and work west until I am sick of fishing.

Sunday is crappy again anyway. Now on Sunday, I would get to bed early. Monday is supposed to be bluebird.

However I am hosting a graduation party this weekend at the house and am running ragged cleaning, staining, painting, light carpentry, yard work, food prep, etc, etc. No fishing for me until next week.

Good luck and let's hear your predictions!

06-03-2006, 06:30 AM
I can speak about last night. The Choppers that everyone was waiting for are in. I was in one of those non-UDL spots with not a person in sight and was surrounded by everything..blues..bass..bait..I had it all.

The Blues were just barely moving on the top. They were in there stealth mode just barely moving on the top. Some were swimming by and never noticed me. I'm sure the weather conitions helped. It was awesome. I was sight fishing to tailing fish. Even though I didn't have the best setup for the conditions that were presented I adjusted and took advantage.

It was one of those night that you will remember for a long time.:)

06-04-2006, 10:59 AM
I have to thank Sean McDermott who graciously played host for me in Rhody yesterday. We had a great day, the weather aside. Thirty fish, all nice fat 20"-24" schoolies. Three keepers, two for Sean, one for me. Mine was 32", Sean's were 32" and 34" and fat.

The fish were on a shrimp bite. It was a lot of fun to see big fish laying up and slurping Size 6 Bonefish flies.

Thanks again Sean

06-04-2006, 11:07 AM
Glad to hear Sean took you out.

Seeing you were already in Newport why leave the best fishing state in new england to head to south beach :smokin:


06-04-2006, 11:25 AM
Well with Sean-1 and Sean-2 maurauding the shore in their craft this season the fish are really going to have to run the gauntlet to get thru the ocean state!

Sounds like a killer day Dave... You've been getting some serious quality time lately!

06-04-2006, 11:43 AM
I hit the NH coast and estuaries this morning with minimal luck.

I will say this though...after lots of walking I found one of the best damn fly chucker spots in the state of NH. And Americans are lazy...I had this place all to myself.

No fish there this morning but in a week or so I know that this place will open up. An entire estuary constricts and flows towards the sea in this one spot. Just chuck the fly, try to catch a crab with the swing, and hold on tight!

I did hear of a few keepers caught last night. For me, it was just a few twinks in the Piscataqua. Fun to be catching fish though.

And fun casting in the wind. My trip to Belize this Spring included some casting instruction that definitely tightened up my loops and improved my distance into the wind.

Glad to hear that Sean and the gang are kicking butt in RI.

Next weekend I think it will blow open here in NH.


06-05-2006, 09:03 AM
Great fishing with Dave. This is the second time I had someone come down with their "secret Monomoy flies" and hammer the fish. I made a push at the end to even the score but Dave had me on the ropes in the morning. I still have a lot to learn in the bay but after a quick call with Slinger about the possibility of the shrimp bite we put a hurting on them. Dave had a keen eye for current seams and fish behavior and was a valuable asset to have on the boat. Not the best day numbers wise I ever had but it certainly was great to figure out the code on some tough fish.