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: Hampton Harbor (NH) 5/29

05-29-2006, 09:35 PM
What a mistake to head to Hampton Beach around 5 PM today. The normal trip from my house to the harbor is around 40 minutes. Today it took 95 minutes - with the last 2 miles taking over 45 minutes. Ugly.

But I stayed calm and listened to my Ipod to pass the time. When my feet finally hit the sands I set up in a rip and started casting. Within minutes a bait chucker takes root up current. There goes that spot.

I spy some gulls on bait across the river so I walk over the bridge to a hole that can produce on the drop. Of course, the drop had mostly dropped all while I was stuck in my car.

I am casting with little luck when I realize that some punk kid is trying to spit on me from the bridge. Lovely. I exchange a few choice words with him and take cover under the bridge. This is not the NH that I know and love. I like this spot in the Fall when nobody is around.

After walking back over the bridge I decided to head out to the mouth and fish the surf. I have done well out here in the past. After falling on the slippery rocks and getting soaked by a wave (hilarious if you saw me fall as the wave approached) I finally got out onto a decent rock/rip.

And then it happened: one twink to start my 2006 season.

It is funny how even one rat bass can change your attitude on life.

A pretty night but a night filled with traffic and rowdies.

The water was cold. I think that NH needs a few more weeks before the real action starts. I fished the Piscataqua on Saturday morning and it was damn cold.

Good luck,