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: Nauset Beach, Chatham Observations 2006

05-22-2006, 02:19 PM
Went oversand on South Nauset with Sean yesterday since we slept in after the SAT pm festivities. By the time we got going and I renewed my ORV permit it was mid-day. However there was plenty in store for us on the big beach.

The structure from area 1 all the way down was awesome, not like I have seen since I moved back from Seattle in 2005. A prominent series of breaks and bars alternating made for some of the fishiest structure and I hope it lasts all year as the big ocean sand eels would surely make residence in these sand eel condominiums that stretch for miles. The beach flats around 7 are still there, and down to the boundary things look about the same but the inlet channel has swung south to the Big Girl side and the degree of shoaling on the tip of Nauset is mind-blowing, creating what I predict will be the area's most prominent inshore sand eel habitat *if* it lasts through the summer which I truly hope it does. There were some very good fish on them yesterday.

Down in the inlet there is no mecca, and the Big Girl side is a very interesting bowl with the outer edge of the curve being along the main channel and I predict that we will see the return of Big Girls as we knew and loved them when the channel was this way last.

Interestingly some of the better structure on South Beach was right at the crossover, saving some steps.

South Beach flats look pretty much similar to last year but with even more sediment and weed growth where white sand used to be, I would bet that this summer's effects with the southway closing will make that an even more prominent theme - in other words it will get pretty froggy over the dog days unless you hike to the inlet. But it's great right now.

I will be mapping out North Monomoy over the next several days and can't wait to see what gifts mother nature has brought (or taken away). One tide over Memorial (at least) will be on the bayside as well.

It should be a no-brainer to find fish on the south (sound) side especially flood tides early and late, birds feeding pretty much automatic.

Good time to be a northeast SW flyfisher!