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: Everglades City Report, 5/11-5/14

05-17-2006, 07:15 AM
I'll try and keep this report short as the snook fishing was off as I
suspected it would be with the strong west blow caused by another unusual late season font.. It seems like, down there, the snook bite shuts down anytime you have a westerly component in the wind. I was first clued into this a number of years ago when one of my old-timer friends had an old tide chart and fishing guide written by a guide who fished and kept statistics for over 30 years on his snook catches and less than 5% came on a westerly wind. I did have my chance,
working the strong afternoon fall. We were fishing a deep pass and I was
when I hooked up. I played it all the way up to the shore when the hook pulled, that fish was easily well over 30". Regardless I didn't think it was hooked deep as the leader wasn't even chaffed.

On the positive side of things the trout bite was hot. We fished the
bars at the top of the tide and easily got a couple of limits of 18-20" trout (only kept one limit for lunches at the Everglades Outpost, formerly, the Oar House). Also, I never seen so much bait around as I've seen this past trip. There were huge schools of white bait all over, maybe last year's hurricane help,
who knows?

We also worked the inside a bit and caught some small snook fishng the
mangroves and snook on the fly underneath the lights and, on our way in
one night, Mike caught a small tarpon on the fly when we anchored in the
Barron River. We would have gave the tarpon thing some more time but the
bugs were bad. Not mosquitoes but no-see-ums.


05-17-2006, 10:13 AM
Great report Stan! Hope to join you down there one of these days.

05-18-2006, 07:11 AM
Hey J,

We've been doing this trip for years so when conditions are right things usually come together. My favorite time of year is the new moon in May. We also sometimes plan a trip in the fall, either in September or October, but that can be hit or miss with the weather (tropical systems) and the bugs are bad then from all the summer rains but if you hit it right the fishing can be good. I'll keep you posted on future trips and can join us if your schedule allows.