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: Drop cast

07-13-2000, 09:58 PM
Whenever fishing out of a boat with two flycasters, the wind puts the leeward angler at a disadvantage. Most boats drift with the outdrives to the rear in wind, thus the back of the boat guy gets a cross wind more often than not on boats where casting over the console is not a good choice.

Actually, I prefer the back of the boat because the fly remains in play longer than when you retrieve across the bottom of the hull, and I have frequently observed fish following in the wake of the drifting boat. This is true for pacific coho salmon as well as striped bass in the atlantic.

Anyway, to deal with the inevitable cross wind on the lee side of the boat, I use what I call a drop cast. Using an operative length of line (enough to extend the line but not enough to get blown into your danger zones), shoot the line on a low back cast and momentarily lay it on the water opposite of the direction you plan to cast. Make sure the rod is in a good position to make a cast, in fact the rod should intentionally follow the backcast to the start position for a forward cast. Before any degree of sinking can occur, use the water tension to load the rod as you slide the line out of the water, accellerate to the stop point (10 o'clock) while hauling lightly. Make sure you accelerate from sliding the line out of the water to a 'normal' forward cast speed by the time you stop it wrist and let the line fly.

I've been able to achieve a more than adequate cast this way, completely avoiding the risk of hooking ones self or taking the risk of hooking the other angler by casting over the middle of the boat.

Try it!

01-08-2001, 04:39 PM
I use a similar technique to cut down on false casting. I'll make a short forward cast and let it sit in the water for a second before making my backcast. When I make the backcast the rod loads nicely and I can put a lot of line in the air for my final cast. I think this is similar to the process for the two handed overhead cast. In any case I can make a decently long cast with only two strokes that involve any real effort.