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: Line colour & stripers

05-06-2006, 03:15 PM
Found a floater that works really well on my 9/10 Oceana but the intermediate is only available in a light grey -- it's close to the milky grey colour my clear Rio striper line turned into after some hard use.

Question -- does an intermediate line have to be clear for stripers or will any muted, light blue or light grey line be OK?


05-06-2006, 03:52 PM
Cloudy muted is fine, although if they come up with a flourcarbon intermediate I will be all over it. ;)

Stark contrasts cause a distinct reaction in the fish when mid-day flats fishing but off hours or in riptides or deep water it doesn't matter if at all. I've watched fish veer away from black sinking lines and floating line shadows (an even fatter black line on the sand than the sinking line) but since fish are sensitive to movement in water I would say both are problems on flats.

So to summarize -

no cloudy or muted color intermediates are OK

more important than any line color is presentation angle - a good set-up guy can fish a flourescent psychodelic tutti-frutti line all day provided the fish are looking down the line from a head-on angle due to the proper cast angle.

splashing of the fly and line is equally a deterrent even if the line was perfectly invisible

the casting person usually creates more disturbance and reason for the fish to flee than the line, fly and color combined due to anxious extra false casts and motions

the stealthier lines will provide an advantage, all things being equal, when the line crosses the paths of several fish at an oblique or perpendicular angle

05-06-2006, 03:59 PM

This line will be used both on the Oceana and on my DB single hander so it will get used on the flats. I bought the floater as it was on sale dirt cheap and it's proved to be a nice casting line.

I'll expect that you'll clue me in to casting angles once we get out there. :wink:

Incidentally, if you were looking for a good floater for tossing bassbugs on the 11/12, what one would you go for? BTW, not impressed with the running line on the Outbounds.