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: Bob's Bluegill Fly

05-02-2006, 05:47 PM
This fly was originally tied by a friend in the fire dept. named Bob. He had no specific name for the fly. Sorry the pictures are not very good.

Hook - Size 12
Thread - Orange
Tail - Squirril Tail
Body - Orange Embrodery Floss
Wing Squirril Tail

1) Thread hook
2) Tie in tail - Length of shank
3) Tie in floss and wrap thread to wing tie in point a little shy of hook eye
4) Wrap floss to wing tie in point. Make body bulky, it will sink better.
5) Secure floss and trim excess.
6) Tie in wing. Should extend to same distance as tail tip.
7) Whip finish and cement.
Fish with 3" stripping.