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: Rio versi tip fly lines

08-30-2001, 11:03 AM
Has anyone had any epierience with the Rio Levithan 26' DC Versitip System? I was wondering if they sold the tips separate, and if I could use them on any line as long as it had a loop at the end. I understand the good part about these tips is the fact that you can change them pretty quick because of the loop to loop system. And where can I buy them, Online preferably. Thanks, Greg

08-30-2001, 11:37 AM
I haven't used the Rio lines but they are based on the custom made multi-tip systems developed in steelhead country years ago. Their special feature is that they combine a weight forward section into two types of line, either floating/intermediate on one half and sinking on the other.

The multi tip comes with a floater, clear, and sinking tips. You can thus change things around with one spool.

For steelhead and salmon fishing with Spey rods and single handed rods, they are indispensable. I chose not to use them for stripers because of the following reasons:

a) I only switch between two lines and I have a spare spool

b) I did not prefer to have the loops going through my guides when stripping a fly close to the leader for a chasing fish

My multi-tip system was one I built for steelhead. Roughly, you take a perfectly good fly line and cut the WF section in half. Then you add loops so it can be restored.

You then go buy a sinking type IV shooting head (30'), and cut it 12' / 18'. Loop those ends, now you have three tips to choose from.

Here's how to build one if you are interested in that route: