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: Sage VT2 1398-4 4pc 2hnd (Spey)

05-01-2006, 08:50 AM
Finally got out and played with my new toy for a couple of hours. Not sure exactly which line to match it up with but I opted for the 8/9 SA Short Spey cut 15' back with a 15ft custom tip made from an 8wt type 4 SA shooting head. I read that it matches the Windcutter 8/9/10 but I didn't have that line with me unfortunately and figured this was the closest grain match so I had to cut the line and splice a loop by the roadside.

Just a touch overloaded for finesse work but power casting the tip system and big (honkin) fly to 100' was easy work, in fact the easier the stroke the better it went as is the case when a rod is slightly overloaded. But the spare grains brought out the "Skagitey" action in the mid/lower blank and also the reserve power Sage rarely leaves out of their rods.

Because it's a tip and on the right bank I threw mostly doubles, snakes and when the wind blew snaps when there was room and when there was not I threw snake pokes and reverse pokes. All of them especially my pet cast the snake poke were launching the tip to the extent of the length of line and straightening the tip and leader to the fly when the tension was right in the d-loop or water load.

I really like how light and powerful yet not stiff nor floppy the rod is, and it's a greast all-around design for summer, winter, water-loaded casts or traditional casting strokes. I spent some time feeling through my 'normal' stroke and it throws a fine wedge indeed even with the tip on.

A couple of minor nuances - the tip guide seemed a little small for the fat winter line and impromptu loop connector I was using. Being so versatile I wondered if a bit larger tip guide wouldn't come in handy. Also since I am a vee-gripper the top handle was a little fat for me, but I would never notice it if I kept my hand at the top of the grip where it belongs as that part is nicely turned down. Very minor nuances as I said.

The double lock rings (with o-rings) held tight without loosening and I confess not having brought any tape for this short outing and none of the ferrules came loose. However I always tape when I have some available and recommend it.

Overall I really love the rod and have to say Sage has a winner in the Spey casting tool department with this rod! They have been focused lately into the 'euro' action and keeping with their established 'traditional' action rods but with this new design they are kicking it back in gear for the general Spey practitioner as we knew they eventually would. 13'9" for an 8# is a great all-around size, a great choice for someone looking for one rod for all seasons. It's action has a really big sweet spot and I am going to run all the various line configurations through it to see how it responds.

Awesome rod, if you see me casting it at a clave or on the river walk over and ask if you can throw it a while. As long as there is no twitchy steelhead ready to grab a fly or pod of fresh atlantics in front of me I promise to hand you the rod to try ;)

05-03-2006, 01:44 PM
All of our customers that have bought that rod has loved them!!!! Sage has a Big Winner with this one.