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: shock tippets

05-23-2001, 08:32 PM
What set ups do you folkes use for bite guards?
Barracuda? Tarpon? Blue fish? Does any one use a shock for Stripers?
What knots? What kind of material? How long?
For tarpon: I put perfection loops on both ends of a 5' lenth of 50# maxima. I tie a 24" class tippet, 20# with bimini loops on both ends. One end of the class tippet is looped to the butt with a triple surgeons knot(the loops are big enough to pass a fly). The other end of the tippet is connected to 12" of 80# flourocarbon with a huffinagle.
What are the best knots for attaching the bite guard?

05-23-2001, 10:16 PM
Not sure whether this is a good global solution, but I've had success with the American Wire Co. braided wire for bluefish. It comes in a range of strengths (diameters) and most can be tied effectively (if careful). I like the intermediate diam/strengths because they are stout wire, yet not too stout to prevent tying into knots. The joint between leader and wire is a surgeon's knot, and there is debate on the terminal knot to the fly. Clinch and figure 8 cover me pretty well.

Most likely the damage incurred by one gnarly toothed beast is enough to warrant replacement - but at least you will still have the fly and have a shot at landing the fish.

(BTW - nice description of the tarpon shock leader)