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: Southway Update

Rip Ryder
04-27-2006, 02:16 PM
Not looking good for the boaters.

I was out this am after getting my moorings in. I had the 18 Parker which draws nothing and four hours after low tide I couldn't get past the F buoy (where the white warning sign was floating last year). There was only a little over 2 ft and that was only in spots. There was a strong incoming current right to that spot and then it just died out. It looks like you could walk from the seal haul out spot all the way to the North Tip of South Monomoy now at low tide. So for boats getting in between the Monomoy's is going to be a challenge. Only way I see is using the channel by Broad Creek. Not to sure what you will find once your in there.

I saw a large school of sand eels come out from the crib at Broad Creek via the channel the clammers used to get between the islands last year. Saw the first two small seals come in via the southway, but they just rode the current over the bars from the entrance to the F buoy. They stayed up on top the whole ride in. I really don't think they had enough water to dive.

I have not seen the whole area at Low tide yet, but will be out there late next Sunday for an out of state school group at 4 pm to Southbeach.

There was one fisherman at the Refuge this morning, but he only stayed about an hour and moved on.

For the boaters on the forum looks like you need to plan on going around Monomoy and might beable to squeek through at hightide. Chanel also gets real narrow down by the dune before the bowl, like maybe just wide enough for two boats to pass, if everyone involved knows what there doing.

Fish wise we may have to wait longer for them to come in after low, unless they're willing to scrape their bellies getting in. The good news, it sure ain't gonna be hard seeing them coming!!:Eyecrazy:

If I get a chance sooner to get out at low I will let you know what's happening.

Capt Keith

04-27-2006, 04:06 PM
Looks like the yak will get a workout this season.:lildevl: FishHawk