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: Boga Grip (15 lb) for sale. Anyone interested?

Chris Puma
04-25-2006, 08:29 PM
Getting rid of some fly fishing stuff I don't use anymore.

I'm selling a Boga Grip 15 lb. I've never used it. I can't remember if it's touched water or not. I don't think so. Of course whenever I didn't bring it along with me, I'd catch toothy fish. Murphy's law in action!

Anyways, I'd let it go for $85 ppd through paypal. I'll send it priority mail. If you're in the Central Mass region, you can pick it up from me in person. and wave the $5 handling charge.

The Boga Grip retails for $119.00 new. I believe I still have the tool needed to do some work on the Grip if it's ever needs fixing. I need to do some digging though.

Nevertheless, I believe this is an excellent deal. It's going to go to ebay if nobody takes it.