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: Fly Fishing around Akumal

04-24-2006, 02:37 PM
Hopefully going to one of the Bahia Principe hotels near Akumal with my girlfriend around the 9th May. Has anyone fished off the beach in this area? If I walked up or down the coast away from the swimming zones would fishing be allowed?

I'll prob try to get down to Boca Paila or Punta Allen for a day also but due to finances and the girlfriend I will be mainly restricted to local DIY. Anything from the beach would be great - jacks, cudas etc.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.


04-24-2006, 03:46 PM
Definitely worth a shot.

I know the tarpon run the beaches in the summer(June / July) plus sailfish just beyond the reef. I would expect the usual Carribean species to be within casting range. Depending on exactly where you are situated and local fishing pressure (legal or otherwise) will dictate results.

DIY on the Boca side is going to be tough without a boat. There is some good wading out there and in Ascension Bay, but you need a boat to cross some deep sticky mud to get to it. On the plus side, loads of Permit and Bones, "Dog-eater Cudas" big Jacks etc. And don't believe all the bull about Yucatan Bones being small - there are some hogs down there:smokin:

04-24-2006, 03:50 PM
As I find my DIY / Aerial recon kahunas grow over the long distance trip predictions that have come true over a dozen or so years, I will chime in on this...

I'm sure you will encounter ocean bones and looking at the shoreline feeding permit along the coastline, cudas and jacks no prop - but for significant flats look to the south (see image).

Far south is Ambergris Cay (like 150 or more miles) and lots more flats but my guess would be much close in the isolated bay around Cayo Culebra would be a veritable bonefishing and permit goldmine and probably does not get the pressure the the famous points to the south do unless guides work it. Certainly no civilization to speak of around it except for a possible settlement on the outer spit.

The challenge is the roadway... or lack thereof. You might have to take the left before Vigia Chico and use that access to get to the sugary side of the northern inlet. The northern peninsula seems to indicate a roadway as well according to GoogleEarth but not much in the way of flats. However it might offer great fishing, access, convenience and scenery.

If you have a car I would think these would be your best options. If not, I am not sure I would have a Mexican cab driver leave me in such desolate surroundings with my sweetheart as cab rides south of the border are frequently invitations to robbery especially in desolate places, and if not so grim a fate he might not be back in a punctual manner to retrieve you.

Also there is a wealth of lagunas in the area - some right next to the road especially around Akumal. I would not pass up a morning or evening peel for gulping tarpon in any tropical lagoon for the rest of my life.

Just working the shoreline around Akumal proper would probably surprise you with shots at permit, cuda, and jacks and it's a simple albeit far less exciting adventure. Probably more appropriate for the situation at hand, and I could think of worse things to do.

As you say a ride down to the flats in the more populated and accessible areas where taxis and maybe buses are waiting to serve might be another option that suits you but if you use the measure distance option in Google Earth you will see it's lke 150 miles to Chetumal.

Good luck and please let us know what you found!

04-25-2006, 12:28 PM
Thanks for the info above guys. Due to moving into a new home it looks as though the next couple of weeks is out of the question. Anyone know what the fishing/weather is like in June?

Cheers again