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: floating 9 wt

01-21-2001, 08:02 AM
Greg, your in luck, I found that 9 wt floater. as i said I'll bring the whole reel. I have to admit, I was a bit too quick to say you can keep the line if you want... for all I know the stripers will all be hitting poppers and gurglers all season, and I'd be in hell!!! but you can certainly use it for as long as needed.I'll have it at the tying clave for you. Tom D

01-21-2001, 10:19 AM
TomD, IVE got some 9wt floats at the shop. they are cortland made but are in a blister pack. if you want swing buy the shop Ill give them to you to GIVE to JURO an you can HAVE one just tell him IT'S from me!!!CALL FIRST to make sure Im there!!!!!!!

01-21-2001, 10:19 AM
Thanks Tom. See you at the SSully Clave!

01-22-2001, 08:57 AM

The 9-Wgt Floater is actually for me. I'm going down to FLA in March & just thought that I should bring along a floater "just in case", I'm not sure that I'll need it, but if I don't bring one, you know I'll Surely need it!

01-22-2001, 09:46 AM
Rich -

I was supposed to send you my mailing address and hadn't done it yet:

Flyfishing Forum
PO Box 58
Groton MA

Here it is for future reference. One of us will swing by the shop to pick up the lines - and THANK YOU!!! We'll make sure GregO's excellent adventure is outfitted with one of them.


01-23-2001, 06:07 PM
JURO,how did you make out Sunday? at the show.that OKUMA 10/11 I had 2 left, took them to New England fltyers meeting monday to show a guy another fellow saw the an asked how much I said $59.00. he gave me $120.00 an said keep the change,said he's been looking for them when he heard they were out, an couldent find them any place. they got a big teflon
disk in them, Ive got 6 more comming in next tuesday.
an a couple of 8-9s also.out of the 6. 3 more are already called for."GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN"