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: Weipa Fishing Report , March, 2006

04-18-2006, 11:18 PM
Weipa Fishing Report
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March was a quiet month for me fishing wise. I was on a family vacation for 3 weeks down on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Now I have no problem wading in croc & shark infested waters or chasing a wild boar though the Cape York bush lands but put me on a Gold Coast roller coaster next to my 10 year old and I’ll break out in a cold sweat. Much to the amusement to my 10 year old I must add.

The weather had turned bad with a strong Northwesterly winds causing a large swell in Albatross bay.

Because of the large swell fishing was restricted to the river systems for most of the month. All fishing reports where pretty patchy. A couple of local fly fishers went out, to catch 16 good size Barramundi, only to go out the following day with similar conditions and not turn a scale. Barramundi where more regular of a night, up at the Mission River bridge was one of the best spots. Most Barramundi where caught on soft plastic’s. Finger Mark & Grunter where also biting, the creek mouths where the best locations. April sees the start of my 2006 charter season; I’m looking forward to bringing you an insight to my fishing season as it unfolds.

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