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: nonstops to San Juan still $307

04-18-2006, 06:28 AM
round trip during early May on American airlines, leave friday night and return sunday night! What a weekend fling for tarpon.

($258 total $307 on orbitz BOS <-> SJU )

Lagoon central, amenities of metropolis and a largely untapped inshore tarpon fishery.

04-18-2006, 09:02 AM
My girlfriend and I couldn't make the GB trip work. Cheap airfare didn't coincide with our dates. I'm thinking about killing two birds with one stone here. I've been cleared to do as much fishing on this weekend getaway as I want. She has expressed some interest in Puerto Rico. My thoughts are to go for the weekend and stay in a nicer place while slipping away during the day to do the Tarpon thing.

I can still keep these two weekends separate if that works better.

Let me know what you think........

04-18-2006, 10:00 AM
Dave -

Although I would tramp around the main island if fishing DIy with the guys, I might consider Culebra Island with a lady friend. Playa del Flamenco is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the US and has cheap camping on the beach run by the gov. Supposed to be safe too.

Skiff rentals $165 per day, deep vees avail. Nice places to stay in town with free kayaks included in many resorts to wash up after camping up north.

Big bones, not the numbers but BIG. And here's the kicker...

although I could find ZERO information that giant lagoon behind Flamenco, Laguna del Flamenco gets my spidey sense shaking like a leaf that it's full of mullet and tarpon with plenty of easy DIY shore action to virgin poons. You heard it here folks! :p

Of course I could be up a tree but there is also Laguna Del Cornelio to the south, and some nice nooks and crannies on the north side of Ensenada Honda (across from town).

There's a day ferry to Isla Culebrita which has a Laguna De Molino which has a rouad around it and that island is supposed to be a real charmer day trip.

I have no idea what Culebra is really like but I know folks who go there for vacation and get some big bones while there. There is a guy from NJ who guides there and several of the customers at Drews place (tightlines) do the Culebra bones thing annuallly.

Sounds nice and we need a scout! Go for it :lildevl:

04-19-2006, 02:02 PM
You would think with the worlds largest passenger airport ten miles away you'd be able to get anywhere. Not the case:mad: ! Puerto Rico in early may didn't work for our times either. We ended up going with the keys in late May.

If there is any chance you want to make a run at PR in June I think I could make it happen. Hard to leave the northeast with the insanity that's about to break:lildevl: , I know.

If not, let's think about the fall.........


PS Do you know any good guides that may be available on short notice in the keys?

04-19-2006, 02:15 PM
Definitely call Ben Iannotta Jr, Bigfishonfly dot com in Summerland Key. To get an idea of his persona, read the article he wrote in our chronicles section on the miramichi with his father, or his regular column in a keys journal (links from his homepage).

I stayed at the Holiday Isle in Islamorada, the rooms correspond to the prices, a party place but pleasant and not too expensive.

The Marriott at Key West was nice as well but pricey. After trying a dive hotel that had some homeless squatters I got a refund and paid for the Marriott.

Other places I stayed were fishermen's pads, not suitable for the better half in my case so I won't bother trying to remember the names.

Also camped at Bahia Honda, which I really loved but my wife would think I was just being cheap if I did that with her :) However it was all about the ten steps to the water.