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: Swap fly success! 4/8

04-08-2006, 04:59 PM
Well, I don't think the water was particularly warm, but I did enjoy some pretty good warmwater fishing today :cool: .

I went to a spot where I could test a new sink tip line that I got for my 7wt and immediately started catching bluegills on a brown woolly bugger variant (body is copper mylar braid). I think I like the sink tip: it seems much easier to detect hits than with the floater. After catching several bluegill, a clipped-fin rainbow and a pickerel on the bugger, I decided to try out the flies I got in the warmwater favorites swap. They all caught fish except for Adrian's crease fly. It's a little early for topwater bass and the bluegills weren't quite sure what to make of it, but it looks like it will be deadly when the water warms a little. The bluegills loved the beadhead sparkle bugger. It suffered some damage and lost all the hackle except for a small collar just behind the head, but it still looks like a great fly and the fish agree! The bomber and madam x both had the 'gills rising to hit the fly, while the conehead caught a couple on the drop, and the yellow marabou fly got me my first largemouth of the season. Thanks again guys :D !


04-09-2006, 11:55 PM
That's awesome Quentin! The sparkle bugger and the yellow marabou fly were mine. <pats self on back> ;)

Make sure you give them a try for river smallmouth too, they can't resist them!