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: Need advice on a 2hander for the beach

Gregory DeFoe
04-07-2006, 06:31 PM
I am thinking of getting a 2 handr to fish the surf. The 2 rods that come to mind are the T&T 1212-3 and the CND 1111 (think thats right). Up until now the CND had the upper hand (pardon the pun) due to price. But then along comes a new T&T with sock & tube MUCH cheaper than retail and about the same price as the CND. Not having cast either one need some helpful advice. Juro I'm sure you could shed some lite on this.

04-08-2006, 05:19 AM
Hi Greg -

You are going to go wrong with either of those rods, they are among the proven designs for this application. I would try them and also check out Jay Horton's toys if you get a chance - I know you are a rod guru so regardless of which you want to buy you'd get a kick out of what he's been working on with TFO.

Another option is the ECHO multi-tip, which I have yet to cast but I have been chasing this one down to try. Loomis also has a Native Run GLX SingleSpey 11' that I am HOT to test this season.

Bob Meiser has a range of rods that are in the sweet spot and is working on a huge number of new rods, but you know that.

Sage 8126 Euro, if it's anything like the one I previously owned, was the best beach rod I found for years. Since Topher Browne bought that rod from me and he is up on the new Sage rods at LL Bean, he would be the best one to make that comparison.

Sorry I could go on and on but to answer the original question:

I think the T&T has more of a stout butt and lighter tip where the CND has a very fast recovery due to material (IM8) but the taper allows for more flex through the blank. Each has it's merits - for instance the T&T is easier to throw the prettiest tight loops and is fitted in exceptional hardware as are all T&T, the Atlantis has an inherent ability to load deep due to taper and because of it's vicious recoil throw very far without working hard at all.

If you plan to fish the rod for both salmon and surf, I would opt for the T&T. I feel the Atlantis is slightly more attuned to the surf because of handle configuration, guide selection and layout, and load characteristics.

One of the things I want to accomplish this year is to field test the full range of available two-handed rods in the surf that are available on the market. I should have a pretty good review article by the season's end.

Gregory DeFoe
04-08-2006, 08:04 AM
Wow that was way too much info to digest early on a Sat AM. I think I will set my sights on the Atlantis for now, the rod will only be used in the surf, I like my Burkies for Steel and Salmon. I have had both the CND and the TFO in hand but not cast at the Somerset show and liked the feel and fit of the CND, the TFO was a little heavier and fittings were not to my liking but that is understandable with the price diff.
The other option is to build a TFO, I spoke to them and they are going to offer this blank. How does the TFO compare to the CND in action and ability.
Thanx for your help