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: Spey-O-Rama May 5 - 7, 2006, San Francisco

Bob Pauli
04-04-2006, 06:31 PM
Exciting times are close at hand!

Things at San Francisco's Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club [GGACC] are 'warming up' for this year's Spey-O-Rama, May 5th through 7th, 2006. Last Saturday, we had two new entrants for the event, Doug Duncan and Simon Hseih. Simon, please forgive me if I misspelled your name.

Both these gentlemen are fine long distance casters, and use the American River in Sacramento for their playground. We welcome them warmly.

We have an all-star cast from around the world, plus the GGACC’s own terrific casters. All Spey aficionados should schedule this event, or be sorry you missed it!

I’ll add a personal note that should stir the pot a bit. I predict the winner of the event will use a Skagit based line system. In fact, rumor has it that last year’s … well, just arrive and be amazed.

Many of you know others and I have been experimenting with Skagit heads combined with floating tips to determine if these short heads are suitable for long-range work. In fact I am more than a year behind the leaders. Do you wonder how far can a stock Rio Skagit 650 + 150 grain 10’ cheater + 17’ tip can cast a fly with a Thomas & Thomas 1409-5? A certain individual cast 145-feet of line and leader to the reel last Saturday at the GGACC, using this outfit. I’ll withhold his name to keep pressure off, unless he wants to throw it up there as a challenge.

The Scots will be tough to beat, but the world will have fun trying, and who knows?

The members of the GGACC welcome all to join us May 5th through 7th, 2006. This is the cutting edge of fishing-realistic Spey distance casting, from three-foot deep water with factory [available to the public] rods no longer than 15-feet one-inch. Don’t be left out!

See http://ggacc.org/ for the club bulletin.

See http://ggacc.org/p/p.aspx?mlid=11 for directions.

I look forward to seeing you!

Bob Pauli
04-10-2006, 07:04 PM
Spey O Rama & Casting Festival, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 5 – 7, 2006

PRE-EVENT REPORT #2, April 9, 2006

Saturday April 9 at the GGACC was a glorious sunny day, the beginning of the San Francisco Bay Area’s great weather season. Four practicing competitors were present, booming mighty casts to the far [east] wall of pond # 2.

Following is information as promised in previous posts and answers to some questions.

The words “Casting Festival” were added to Spey-O-Rama to let people know that more than two-handed rods will be present, and available for guests to cast and practice their Spey and other skills. One doesn’t need two hands to Spey cast.

Competition fly lines: The line must be a floating fly line. There is no restriction on diameter or length.

Rules: See following post in this thread.

Competition schedule: Qualifications will be held Saturday morning, May 6, with the best 8 qualifiers advancing to the finals Sunday morning, May 7.
There will be a ladies event.

Competitors: We don’t have a complete list of competitors. Will those wishing to compete, who have not done so, please email GGACC President John Till at till@ix.netcom.com?

The club parking lot will be adequate, and we plan to have a person directing traffic. The SF Police stables parking next door will not be available for overflow as mentioned earlier.

- Breakfast [no charge]: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, starts 7:30AM. Continental style with sweet rolls, juices, coffee.
- Lunch [$7 per person]: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, starts 12PM. Cold sandwiches, beverages, etc.
- Dinner [$10 per person]: Friday [Chinese] and Saturday [BBQ]

This will be a highlight of the event with the best demonstrators of the past returning plus the addition of luminaries such as Steve Rajeff, Mike McCune and Scott O’Donnell. We’ll see Simon Gawesworth, Al Buhr, Nobuo Nodera, Jeff Putnam, Trond or Knut Syrstad, and Stennar Skogmo, and perhaps…
In Messrs. McCune and O’Donnell we have the men that changed the Spey fishing world—the developers, with Jim Vincent, of Rio’s Skagit lines.

Unlike any similar event, the three-pond configuration of the GGACC enables guests to pick the view they want. Because “highlight events” take place in the center pond [# 2], guests may position themselves to view and photograph from the caster’s left, right, front or back.

There will be more vendors than last year, including G. Loomis, RIO, Sage, CND, C. F. Burkheimer, Robert Meiser, Anderson Custom Rods, Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters with the Sage Casting Analyzer, and others.

Because Vendor booths will be a few feet from casting water, guests can accomplish much in a short time, and with minimal effort. Select a rod and line from the many demo racks, take a few steps to the water and “Spey Away.” Waders are not needed, but we welcome their use as they allow a guest to duplicate the water depth of real world fishing.

This is a super event, you’ll be happy you came.

Bob Pauli
04-10-2006, 07:05 PM
May 5-7, 2006 Spey-O-Rama & Casting Festival
Jimmy Green
Casting Competition Rules

Please note change in number of finalists from prior rules postings.

Rod: Must be model that is or has been available for sale to the general public
15’1” maximum length
Line: Floating synthetic line, either full line or shooting head. No restrictions on running line.
Leader: 9 foot minimum, 15 foot maximum.
Fly: Will be supplied

Required casts
Casters can use whatever cast they choose in four situations:

Line from the right – over right shoulder and over left shoulder
Line from the left – over right shoulder and over left shoulder

Casting rules
Change of direction will be set by markers at about 40 degrees (same as 2005)
Caster will be in water – about 3 feet deep
There will be a barrier 35 feet behind the caster. No penalty for hitting it, but it may affect the cast
Fly must anchor in front of caster
If Perry Poke used, only one “dump” allowed per cast and fly may not leave water on “dump”.
Once a cast is begun, it counts as a scoring cast.
An inadvertent “extra” cast in a required category will not be counted against the caster’s allowed casts in any other category, but will use the caster’s time.

The Competition
Qualifying will be held on Saturday morning with top 8 casters going to finals on Sunday morning. Note the number of finalists has been changed from 10 to 8 to provide a higher quality, more compact final event [GGACC Directors meeting April 9, 2006].

•2 casts each for the 4 required casts. Total score is total of best distances for each of the 4 required casts.
•Time limit is 4 min. with 2 min. warmup

•3 casts each for the 4 required casts. Total score is total of best distances for each of the 4 required casts.
•Time limit is 6 min. with 2 min. warmup
•Casting order by random draw

Friday practice time (20 min) at official casting station can be reserved by signup.

Other Contest
We will hold another contest as an exhibition on Sunday after the main competition

Overhead Casting
All casters will use same outfit – supplied by GGACC
3 casts - longest cast counts, second longest used for tie-breaker