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: 03/31/06 Schoolies Galore

04-01-2006, 09:30 AM
Well got together with Bob for some early season schoolie hunting. Met about 3:45 on the river (Housie) I arrived before Bob and had 6 fish in my first 7 casts. All small fish but plenty of them. All were caught on Tsunami shad and minnows. Bob tried one of his awesome home made swimmers and had some interest but never did connect with a fish. I think it was due to the fact it was a surface swimming metal lipper and could not get down a little deeper to where the fish were, they did hit it several times though. On a cool note I was reeling in another schoolie or so I thought when I got it near me I was BS'ing with Bobber and he yells hey you got a salmon, I looked down to see a small 2-4 lb. fish splashing and thrashing at my feet. It was VERY silvery and had little or no markings like some of the salmon pics I have seen from the Housie. Plus it was somewhat smaller than any of the fish I have seen in the past. It was definitely a salmonid of some sort just not sure what species. I was thinking maybe Searun trout possibly, but unfortunately we will never know as it wriggled free before I could get a hand on it................ARGHHHHHH! I would have released it just wanted to see it up close. Their here for sure I don't keep count anymore but suffice to say we racked up some large numbers of spring schoolies yesterday on a beautiful warm Friday afternoon.

P.S. Would have flyfished but this particular early season spot does not have any backcast room at all, would have been nice to have a 2-hander and know how to shoot 100 ft. roll cast......:)

Jim Miller
04-01-2006, 11:24 AM
Nice report Mike! :D

Good to see you are up and about .......
and catching fish!

04-01-2006, 03:07 PM
Mike just what the Doctor ordered. Nice report. FishHawk

04-01-2006, 04:21 PM
The fact you are back is whats really important!

04-01-2006, 10:13 PM
Thanks Guy's,
I actually got out for the first time last weekend and got 3 fish that were all bigger than Friday's fish but it was cold and I ended up stumbling in a hole and getting a little wet. Thankfully I had the waders on and I only got one arm wet but the guy I was fishing with just about had a heart attack when he saw me hopping around and then going down. He was asking me how my neck was and was I OK, I told him I was fine just a little bruised ego. I must say I was a bit scared afterwards but you can't let something like that scare you away. Going to try an early morning trip tomorrow and then spend a couple hours preparing my old tin boat to be sold. Got a guy coming down from Springfield to take the squeaky leaky off my hands. man did I put a ton of fish in that boat going to be a little emotional to see her go, I fished many 100's of hours in that boat with my old man and it is one of the last thing's left that reminds me of him.