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: April Fly of the month contest

03-31-2006, 12:49 PM
Yes Warm Water fly fishers, this is the one you have been waiting for! Tell us your best warm water fly fishing story and win a Frog diver.

Got an interesting story about warm water fly-fishing? Got an interesting lie about warm water fly-fishing? Tell the story here on the FlyfishingForum and you could win the frog diver fly pictured below.

The rules are simple: Attach your warm water fly fishing story to this thread by April 24 and if our independent panel of judges decides it is the best story we will send you the fly, no questions asked. FlyTalk General Guidelines also apply. The winning story will also be featured on the Worldwide Flyfishing Discussion area for a month for everyone to enjoy. So, lets hear those warm water fly fishing stories. What do you have to lose?

Good luck and may the best story win.


P.S. The judges can submit stories but they are not eligible to win the contest.

03-31-2006, 04:01 PM
I was fishing a small pond acrossed the street from Robinson Terrice in Stamford NY. The fish in the pond won't be setting any records soon, but it is that small local water you know and have fun throwing a line into. This day was pleasant, not too hot and not too cold. The breeze was refreshing, but still slow enough not too make casting too difficult. I was catching some bluegills on a #10 stealth bomber when I got into some decent sized yellow perch. It seemed like I had a new fish on the line every cast. I whole experence was made better by the fact, I was doing an overtime shift at work and was being paid time and a half! :lildevl: Finally there was a minor car accident in Hobart and I had to cut my leader and leave.:frown: (No one was hurt :) ). After arriving @ the hospital we were assigned to a different post for the rest of the shift and I did not get a chance to go back that day. I still have fun at that pond every chance I get, but have never had anougher day like that.

04-12-2006, 12:57 AM
A few years ago I was fishing in Manchester Reservoir for largemouth, wearing shorts and sandals and wading around the back side of the place. I'm standing in water up to my gonads ready to tie on a new fly when my cell phone rings. It's my wife trying to find out what time I'm coming home. I've got the phone clutched between my shoulder and my ear, the rod under one arm, and I'm trying to get my fly tied on. The bottom of the lake is pure muck and if you stand in one spot too long you can really sink down a bit (this'll factor in later). I stand there talking to her for a few minutes when I see two 4-5 lb largemouth swimming out of the cove towards me about 30 feet away. They're to my right and gradually swimming behind me. I'm trying to get my wife off the phone as quickly as possible (all you married guys know how hard THAT is!), but she can't see to take the hint. I'm madly trying to tie on the new fly while I'm still talking to her, and I'm gradually twisting my upper body in place to keep an eye on the fish. I'd been standing still for at least 5 minutes so even if they saw me, they didn't see me as a threat. Just as I realize how deep my feet are stuck in the muck, and how far I've turned, I also realize that I'm off balance and leaning backwards with no help to be found.

The last thing my wife hears is a loud yell followed by a splash, and then dead silence as my phone bites the dust as it goes to the bottom right along with the rest of me.

It's certainly not the first time that I've taken a digger while fishing, but it's probably the most memorable because I can still see those huge largemouth in my head and feel my heart pounding from excitement. The was the last time I ever answered my phone while I was wading! :)

04-12-2006, 06:51 AM
When my son was like 8 I took him to a very gorgeous pond in Concord MA called White Pond, or "White's Pond" as the locals call it. This is a really idyllic pond once frequented by Thoreau and a great place to start a kid off flyfishing.

A large congregation of sunfish who were willing to hook themselves on his panfish popper were gathered around him and as soon as I showed him how to run his hands down the back to depress the spines, I could leave him to explore for shore prowling trout a short hop away. In fact I would turn back and look and see him fighting another sunfish and release it, and it was an important milestone not having to help him - a proud moment indeed for a father.

As I worked close by, the sight of a few cruising trout got my attention and I started to focus on the task when suddenly a huge ruckus erupted and I saw my son standing like Muhammad Ali yanking on the 5wt bent to the cork pulling as hard as any tug of war he'd ever been in! Something dark and BIG was splashing around in the water and my heart started to pound as I ran like the wind to help him.

As I got nearer the "fish" popped it's snakey long neck out of the water and the rest of the ugly black bird followed as my son actually looked irritated at a cormorant he had on the end of the line! The cormorant also seemed unintimidated and actually opened up it's wingspan like a prehistoric reptile bird and started walking toward my son who with teeth gritted and jaw protruding like a little popeye was not about to back down to this bird about as tall as he was.

Well I arrived just before the clash of the titans commenced, and the bird looked up at me with a bit more concern (but not much) and backed off to it's corner. But it did not flee as it had the panfish headfirst in it's throat and any attempts to retrieve it would result in a serious situation for the bird.

Just as I was thinking through the situation (this is like 5 seconds really) a do-gooder nature lover tree hugger type runs over and she starts to scream bloody murder about the abuse of the bird. Now don't get me wrong, I am a bit of a tree hugger myself and a nature boy at heart but I try my best not to let rational thought leave me... unlike this lady whose kids ran over to witness the affair too.

I motioned for my son to stop pulling as the game was over, and whipped out my lockblade knife from my pocket trying not to get frazzled by the noveau riche's verbal assault and prying eyes of the wrongly influenced children so I could think clearly, and act swiftly. With a menacing look in my eyes, I swiftly and definititely made the cut.

The mono tippet parted about two inches from the cormorant's beak and it hurriedly flapped away into the water, dove and popped up to peer at us from a safe distance.

The lady still stood there bringing on the inquisition about how the hook and the monofilament line was left in the bird. To this point I had not said one word despite the arm waving banter from her.

I turned to face her and said "the sunfish has a row of transverse spines that would impale the bird's throat if I so much as pulled on the line. The fly we used is so tiny these little sunfish could fit it in their tiny mouths. The bird will pass that short bit of line and that tiny fly, I acted in it's best interest."

She was not satisfied. I was an evil man teaching evil things to a boy, and she was dead set on making a scene in front of her children. (The PETA poster comes to mind). I said further "nature put those spines on the fish, I did what was best" and put one arm on my sons shoulder and started to walk away.

I think I saw my son make a face to the lady's kids as we walked. I think I saw them cower. Good boy, I thought silently.

I looked out and the bird was acting perfectly normal. It's funny how those who are not really close to nature think they understand anything about it. In reality, it's those who interact with it that understand it, like flyfishers.

04-28-2006, 02:26 PM
Last call for stories sports fans. Only two eligable entries so get them in while you can.


05-05-2006, 09:51 AM
Well sports fans! The judges have debated for a few days now and we have a winner. Our good friend Scott (teflon_jones) has done it for a second time. Great story Scott, I still have your snail mail and I will send you your fly.

Also, Take a look on the Great lakes flyfishing board to see the may Fly of the month contest.