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: Ready to splash

03-31-2006, 01:49 AM
Last weeks lousey weather kept me from getting a jump on the season, but I wasn`t about to let the last couple of days go by. Hooked up the batteries and the earmuffs and fired that puppy up. Runs slick as a mink! But I must have missed a wire cause I got no power to the console! Tilt works fine, motor runs like a champ, I`m ready to go, that is if you don`t mind no GPS, no FF, no lights and no bilge pump. Won`t let little things like that stand in the way. Depending on when I go to RISAA show I will get fish this weekend, water temp in the river is 48*. New tires on the trailer and new battery box too plus a fancy cover for the leaning post also moved the grab rails to a more comfortable position. Now I want to mount a cooler with cushion in front of the console. Checked BoatersWorld and they get $25 for 4 itty bitty plastic corners that you screw into the deck to hold the cooler, gotta be a better price around!
Still need to get some upright rod holders so I can look like a real fisherman, but I refuse to spend $64 for 2 plastic tubes and 4 screws!

03-31-2006, 01:28 PM

Good to hear Cantancharus is ready to roll. I have a bachelor party to attend on Saturday so I am hoping to have enough energy on Sunday to get the plastic off and possibly a shakedown cruise as well. I will give you a buzz if it becomes a possibility. Low tide is about 5 p.m. on Sunday which could make for some good timing to pick up the first schoolie.