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: Grains for the Atlantis 1111

03-19-2006, 01:43 PM

Being a Po' law student, I can afford to buy but one line this year. I have chosen to buy a rio outbound for my 1111. I looked all through the forums for the best weight Intermediate outbound to get. I am perplexed.

On the one hand, people advocate the 600gr. 14wt outbound, but in the same breath, Juro-Sensei likes 500gr. I will tell you that I think that the 12wt 35' airflo heads I have are plenty heavy enough. I prefer slightly underlining two hand rods versus slightly overlining. I find I can cast farther and with tighter loops.

Can those who have bought the outbound for their 1111 weigh in on what weight you got, your preferred load/casting stroke, and if you think you made the right decision.

My thanks---


03-19-2006, 02:36 PM
Joey --

Whassup, pal? Where are you these days -- law school, heaven forbid?

I'd suggest splitting the difference and getting the 13 Wt, which is 550. Those Airflo heads are 475, roughly, but most seem to like at least the 13 on the Atlantis.

Let me know how you're doing. NYC ain't the same without you.


03-19-2006, 03:52 PM

Sent you a Williston-like treatise. See inbox.

On your advice, just ordered the 13wt.

DC is great for law, but not great for fishing as I don't have a car. I have carved out my nooks, but there is a distinct lack of voracious saltwater predators other than striped bass.

I miss the NYC scene and will be back at the end of law school. By the way, you should come to the future of music summit in DC next year. I volunteered for it last fall and think it might be great for you and your niche(s).


03-19-2006, 05:07 PM
Fine choice.

As a rule, the grains should vary with the head length - the longer the taper, the more grains. The 500's I liked originally were on the shorter side, thus for long casts the loop form would run out of runway. But they would flip out and shoot to 90ft without a second thought.

Two-handers are capable of a lot more distance as you know, so a longer head will carry the loop longer - about 38ft is ideal for this type of casting. At 38ft the rod can carry 600 grains but the 550 range is very nice. The Outbound is 37.5ft.

I fished the Outbound in the type 8 and type 6 high density and the heads are phenomenal. I ended up cutting the running line on these fast sink lines and going w/ Rio slick shooter 50# for the ultimate deep fast rip line, and sticking with the clear intermediate 10wt on the 9/10wt all-arounder right out of the package.

As I joke when teaching "you need to take a virtual valium" when you cast this rig, the calmer and more cooperative you are with the rod the easier you will reach the backing and even get a hard drag chirp. The more you over-flex the rod the less control and energy transfer you will achieve. It's so easy that it's hard.

When using a lighter weight head you can drive things a little more, taking a more active role like most guys do with a single hander. But be warned - if things aren't going well with your stroke path or application of power then you will beat yourself up in a hurry. But if your timing and stroke are good it's like flicking a feather with an 11/12wt and pleasant.

On one hand the heavier load teaches the "Zen" stroke - be one with it, let it do most of the work. But if the caster is pushing too hard the lighter grains might be a better choice.

The reality is you should get used to both... floating lines are usually lighter and sinking are heavier. Both casting strokes are good to know.

For instance - I like to fish the very deep and very fast channels where the sand gets "humped" and 40+" fish are frequently found. A single hander is a joke, but a 600 grain 14wt type 8 Rio head on a slick shooter line is a deadly weapon for even the most shearing tide currents. Down and dirty with cigar sized sand eel.

Most floating and intermediate lines are going to be on the lighter end and the big sinkers are going to be on the higher grain end. Learn to cooperate with the rod and it will take good care of you.

Why don't you drive out for the spring clave on the Cape? Should be lots of configs to play with on the big beaches.