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03-14-2006, 04:17 PM
Just got back from a trip to Abaco with fishyboyICU812 and some friends from Chatham. 8 of us shared a rental at Casaurina Point and split our time fishing between Sandy Point and The Marls.

Although it was cooler than usual and slightly breezy, we did well on the flats around Sandy Point - mainly between Rock Creek, Man O'War Bush and the South Side. We spent most of these days wading the firm-bottomed flats and casting to groups of tailing fish on mixed sand/grass bottoms. Visibility was excellent despite the wind, and we got to enjoy seeing individual fish follow-and-stop on our offerings before setting the hook. Watching the whole transaction unfold was very cool indeed.

Later in the week we had the opportunity to fish the Marls with Buddy Pinder which was a treat. This expansive mangrove system is extremely beautiful and contains some of the most agressive bonefish I have ever seen. Despite the sustained 25 mph wind, we landed plenty of fish up to 4 pounds. We only saw small groups of 2-5 fish but landed a large percentage of those cast to. The high speed ride through narrow mangrove creeks in Buddy's 16 footer was worth the price of admission alone.

The highlight of the trip for me was a perfect weather day at Moore's island. Amidst a brutal hangover, I spent the morning wading a giant white sand flat adjacent to deep water. I only spotted 4 fish in 3 hours - all singles that were well over 6 pounds. One of them wandered within casting range and I made a lucky cast. The fish followed the fly for what seemed like eternity and finally tailed on it about 15 feet from my toes. It nearly spooled me on the first run, but after a 5 minute battle and mad dash across the flat, I was able to subdue and release the beast. The Dai-riki #6 had bent out but managed to hold on just long enough. My first double-digit bone :D

Clouds rolled in and it continued to blow for the last couple of days but we still had some excellent fishing despite the tough conditions. The home cookin' was great and many Cuervo Deck-Divers were consumed while watching the sun set over Cherokee Sound apres-fish. Overall it was a fun trip with a great group of guys. Abaco is definitely on the list for a return visit soon...

03-15-2006, 07:19 AM
Dave, congratulations on the double digit bone. Abaco sounds interesting. So many places to fish in the Bahamas. I think Andros is my next destination, but before that we've got our striped friends to contend with, right?

03-15-2006, 08:06 AM
Sounds pretty awesome! You beat me to the D/D bone, I've hooked 'em but haven't landed one yet. Extra special on yer own too.