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: LL Bean packable 6 wt. combo vs. Cabela's?

03-12-2006, 10:18 AM
I've been looking for a packable combo. I'll be guiding pack-in (horseback) flyfishing this year and need a packable rig. I was hesitant at best due to the fact that the last time I checked out packable rigs (3+ yrs ago) they stunk IMHO and I proceded to ruin a few 2 piece rods by trying to pack them on horses.

I've had the LL Bean 6 wt, 6 piece in my hands and it was amazing (with the Orion reel) I have not handled a Cabela's rig but they offer a few nice ones for a little less $. Obviously living on a guides paycheck I need to be frugal but also need rugged gear. As a NH transplant to the western states, I appreciate the LL Bean lifetime coverage.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.